Mercy, Mercy, Myrcene! Let’s Talk Terps!

It’s almost Friiiiiday, it’s almost Friiiiiday! We talkin terpenes, we talkin terpenes! First up is myrcene, it’s found in mangoes, and lemongrass too, and even basil!

I’m kind of singing this as I type so I’ll stop. I felt myself rhyming there, then I gave up lol. MYRCENE! One of my fave terps. You can also find it in hops, bay leaves, and thyme, yummy! Oh, and don’t forget that terpenes are the essential oils secreted by plants. And if you recall, they are beneficial for more than just taste and smell. Here’s a link to my blog about terpenes, if you like! Click here

Since we’re not talking mangoes or hops, how does terpenes add to the medicinal benefits of cannabis? Strains that contain myrcene terps tend to have super chill, relaxing effects like an indica. I even heard that if you eat a mango before consuming cannabis, it will elevate the high. But I hear alot of things lol. What I do know FO SHO are the following effects occur in myrcene:

  • Analgesic
  • Antibiotic
  • Antimutagenic
  • Antiinflammatory
  • Sedative

Come through with that mango-ey goodness! Lol now don’t mix up plants, cannabis with myrcene will not guarantee a taste or smell like mangoes or any aforementioned herbs. Matter of fact, it will have it’s own aroma, taste, and effect, that’s what makes strains unique! But it does help to have something common to remember different terps. So I associate myrcene with mangoes yet any method you use is fine! In cannabis, there are 10 primary terpenes, even though 200 have been discovered. Myrcene happens to be the most abundant, so lookout for this fruity fave!


#WCW-Hood Incubator (video)

High blogees! Isn’t it a great day for another #WCW? 

Well I’ve got THREE! Meet Ebele Ifedigbo, Biseat Yawkal, and Lanese Martin are the co-founders of Hood Incubator, an excellent organization that helps people in cannabis operating illegally in cannabis transition into a legal business.

This is big y’all!

With only 1-2% of all cannabusinesses being owned by POC, while being almost 10 times as likely as white people to get arrested for a cannabis crime, legalization has clearly overlooked a certain demographic.

Founded in 2017, in Oakland, CA, Hood Incubator seeks to increase the pariticpation of POC in cannabis while advocating for racial and economic justice in the community. Matter of fact, they operate the first POC-focused accelerator in the nation. Two snaps ladies!!

Check the video below:

What the government won’t do, Black women will! Not only do they assist peoole with cannabis education, they provide a business intensive program that prepares POC to enter the cannabis industry legally!
Let’s raise a smoke for these three powerhouses! 

Thank you Hood Incubator, you are not only a part of the movement, you are one!

Even My Cannabinoids Got Cannabinoids

High blogees,

Just like many of you, I’m no expert in the science of cannabis. But dammit I’m getting there! Cannabis is a beautiful, complex plant with endless healing properties.

But how do we know what types of cannabis heals what? Cannabinoids! The healing machines of the cannabis plant, aka the chemical compunds secreted by cannabis flowers. 

We talk often about THC and CBD, well those are the main two. But thanks to science, over 85 have been discovered, all with beneficial properties. Say whaaaa??

Humans have an endocannabinoid system with their own natural compounds, right? Okay so cannabinoids imitate those compounds, activating those healing powers. It’s some real superhero type stuff.

Our brains and bodies already have receptors for cannabinoids. CB-1 is in the brain, CB-2 is in the body. Different effects from consuming cannabis comes from different cannabinoids binding to different receptors. Which is also why there’s indica (body high) and sativa (cerebral high). Comment below if I’m losing you. I’ve had to go over this info alot before really getting it.

Here’s a handy chart from Leafly that matches common symtoms with the cannabinoid: 

Here’s an example. Let’s say you are suffering from pain, which can lead to depression or stress. THC, CBD, CBG may be included in a strain that would help you out. Like Island Sweet Skunk, a sativa. 

Notice the percentages. When tested, this strain had a combination of many cannabinoids, including the ones that relieve those symptoms. None if the cannabinoids shown make up even 30%, of the entire strain but, the amount of each is high enough to provide relief when consumed. 

THC (Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol) is only found in cannabis. The other healing cannabinoids found in cannabis can also be found in plants ranging from chocolate (contains FAAH, an enzyme that interacts with the endocannabinoid system) to black pepper (contains BCP, beta-caryophylle, a terpene that acts as a cannabinoid too. We’ll get back to terpenes soon.) 

Cannabinoid testing improves everyday with technology and patient/user feedback. But without legalization, this research isn’t sponsored, leading to many barriers.

But for now, let’s start learning on our own.  Get used to learning strains that meet your relief needs!

Talk to your primary physician about seeking cannabis treatment if you are indeed suffering from a condition. I’ll help as much as I can!

Enjoy your Tuesday!

Ah Ah Ah…Don’t You Post That!

“Will I get arrested for posting pictures and videos of me smoking weed?”


I hope everyone had a great 420 weekend. But I also hope any memories you may have from your 420 adventures don’t end up getting any of you in trouble.

Don’t panic! But don’t sleep, either. Posts with any consumption, growing, selling, or simply displaying of cannabis can POSSIBLY get you in trouble.

Different states have different laws for posting illegal activity online. But ALL social media platforms have their own legal disclosure, which if broken, can be a valid charge against you. Take Instagram for instance (my page is still deleted lol). They claim to prohibit the posting of unlawful activity, while being the best place to go to see endless footage of people getting high.

People even sell weed online. Aside from possibly getting robbed, murdered, or arrested, you could lose your job! ANYTHING you put online is now property of the internet, remember that!

There are even police departments who set up fake accounts to spy on pro-cannabis pages. Matter of fact, tech logistics is making it possible to track cannabis users’ activity and even what they MAY do in the future. Check what I found on

Police departments are also using predictive analytical policing software.This allows them to select local neighborhoods to patrol, based on social networking posts. If people are emotionally upset, for instance, or advertising weed and posting it on social media, the software program labels the neighborhood “high risk,” telling cops to focus on the area.

One police officer said he “was looking for a suspect related to drug charges for over a month. When I looked him up on Facebook and requested him as a friend from a fictitious profile, he accepted” and “he kept ‘checkin in’ everywhere he went, so I was able to track him down very easily,” reports Business Insider.


Hey, no worries, there are absolutely legal ways to show off your cannalove. There are even ways of making money! But like any business, it takes work, research, and knowledge of the legalities. Check this article from The Guardian about WeedTubers, or people making money from YouTube videos about getting high.

If there’s anyone who loves a great social media page that celebrates the high life, it’s me. But if there’s anyone who knows first hand about getting arrested for it, it’s also me lol. And if there’s any comfort, know that cannabusinesses and advertisers are working hard to get more clearance and flexibility on both their posting AND the fates of people who show interest. This Adweek article gives more info on that, too.

Ok, don’t be scurred lol. But be cautious. If you aren’t a patient or don’t have a cannabusiness, don’t let what you post get you in trouble or blocked from opportunities. I love my blogees, and your protection comes first!


Don’t Blush, It’s Time For Some Weed Porn.

High and Happy 420 Eve!

What’s a cannabis celebration without some sexy sativas, hot hybrids, and intoxicating indicas to light up your page! Plus some extras, of course!

If you Google “weed porn,” you’ll definitely get an array of image results. In the adult entertainment industry, weed consumption is incorporated with, ahem, scenes or poses. 

Source: Pinterest

In the cannabis industry, pictures with close up views of flower, rolled cigars dipped in wax, or even celebrities getting stoned. My favorite type of weed open is terpene close-ups…I’m getting hot already!

Source: Pinterest
Source: @WorldofDabs via Twitter
Source: Wikimedia

Keep scrolling…

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Source: Ted 2
Source: Pinterest

It gets better…

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

#WCW-Robin Ann Morris (Audio)

High and Happy Women in Cannabis Wednesday 420 Edition!!!

Unemployment sucks. ESPECIALLY when you’ve decided to enter an industry you’re passionate about. But it’s absolutely possible, even if you aren’t in a legal state! And I met a phenomenal woman who is going to give you insight on just that.

Blogees, meet Robin Ann Morris, founder and CEO of MaryJane Agency! Yup, a cannabis industry staffing agency! How cool is that?

We had a great conversation and I hope you enjoy it too. Unfortunately the sound on my end is a bit distorted, but fortunately Robin comes in crystal clear. My mic hates my voice, I get it lol!

Born and raised in Sandusky, Ohio, Robin originally founded the MaryJane Agency in Denver, Colorado in 2015 after becoming a medical marijuana patient and moving there in 2009. She also created and currently owns several cannabis related websites, all of which has enabled her to gain vast knowledge of the ever changing cannabis industry.

Once Ohio became legalized, Robin decided to relocate back to her home town with a vision to bring jobs to her community. In 2015, her and business partner Michelle Blank now operates MaryJane Agency, a staffing and training agency! She truly wants to make a difference and has already earned high marks with Ohio candidates for her desire to help them succeed in this exciting new market.

Thinking outside the box while incorporating your current skills is the key to entering the industry. Take it from me; I started out volunteering and stalking people at free cannabis events lol, and it was well worth it. The experience alone will take you to new places, trust me!

For more information, visit, or search MaryJaneAgency on all social media, ESPECIALLY LinkedIn!

Robin, you are putting people to work! And without a cannabis industry, where would 420 be? Thank you for being this week’s special 420 Women in Cannabis Wednesday feature!



Are You Ready For 420?

This has been a whirlwind of a week! Being a canna blogger and volunteer is one thing, but an employee? Work honey!

(That’s right, don’t let a bad Netflix series make you think that dispensary life is sitting around getting stoned and complaining about the government. We still do that latter, but it’s all business baby)

This year, 420 falls on a Friday, because the cannagods  are shining down on us lol. So everyday until the big day, I hope we all take one measure towards becoming more educated on cannabis, advocating, or becoming a medical cannabis patient

So, how did 420 start? According to,

“In the early 1970’s, the term 420 originated at San Rafael High School, among a group of about a dozen pot smoking students who called themselves the Waldos. The term was shorthand for the time of day the group would meet, at the campus statue of Louis Pasteur, to smoke marijuana.”

I’ve found some great sites, podcasts, and  to help you get ready for the big day.

  • NORML-I can’t stress enough how crucial it is to support your local chapter of NORML. So I won’t, I’ll just tell you to join ASAP!
  • Find a MMJ doctor, I highly suggest contacting your local dispensary or cannabis consultation center.
  • Have conversations…religious, political, medical, or ethical. Just keep talking.
  • Keep reading my blog, because I love you!
  • Check out Cash Color Cannabis, an awesome podcast that is my new addiction. Mehka K. is the host with some dope guests. Trust. Soundcloud and search CashColorCannabis on YouTube! Check one of his interviews below:

  • PLAN a trip to a recreational cannabis-legal state. Not telling you to get there by Friday lol (But if you can, holla at me). But make your next vacation a place where you explore purchasing and consuming cannabis products legally.
  • SUPPORT minority cannabis businesses as much as possible!
  • Speak up!! Visit the portal of the Marijuana Policy Project and enter your zip code to find your legislators!
  • Visit Leafly and install the app! Strain and dispensary info, plus great articles!
  • Head to the Wild Hare for some reggae sounds and dancing! Click HERE
  • Learn a new terpene!
  • Minorities for Medical Cannabis is a Florida based organization that supports the racial inclusion in cannabis. I just found out about them, and you should too: Minorities For Medical Marijuana

Last but certainly not least, join me and the members of Chicago NORML for our membership drive and 420 celebration THIS FRIDAY!!! For tickets and info, click HERE!

Got some 420 plans? Comment below, I’m nosey!!


Happy #420 Week!

Blogees! You already know I’m supa dupa geeked.

This is going to be our first 420 together! And best believe I’m bringing flowers. Cannabis flower, of course!

Since 420 is officially in the future, let’s start with the past. How cannabis got to this point of needing decriminalization, new policies, etc. Harry muthafuckin Anslinger.

I’ve mentioned him before. The sly fox who couldn’t stretch alcohol prohibition so he switched the focus on over to cannabis. Well, I won’t recap his mess, but I do want you all to meet Mr. Samuel R. Caldwell, the first person convicted of selling cannabis.

In 1937 (ON the day the Marijuana Tax Stamp Act was enacted) he was arrested for selling 2 joints. TWO JOINTS. His sentence? FOUR YEARS HARD LABOR and $1000 fine. One year after serving the full sentence, he passed. What a way to go.

And of course, the person buying had to pay the price too, right? Meet Moses Baca, 26 years old, the first person to get arrested for possessing cannabis under the act, served 18 months.




I know what you’re thinking, what’s with the history lesson? This is the week of the stoner, where’s the weed porn?

Well blogees, you know I love all that, but education comes first. It’s crucial we all understand the path cannabis law has taken so that we can PREVENT that type of legislating from now on.

So, of course I’m going to bring the goods. I’ve got a great #WCW, some new apps, even a few new strains.

AAAAND for my Chicago readers (because that’s where I be lol) got some great events for this Friday.

IF you or someone you know is interested in becoming a medical cannabis patient in Illinois, comment below. I’d love to help! And for the rest of my lovely loyals, make sure to head to where you can get all the info for YOUR state regarding advocacy, latest cannabis news, and your local chapter!

“Some of my finest hours have been spent on my back veranda, smoking hemp and observing as far as my eye can see.”Thomas Jefferson. Doesn’t it suck that he owned slaves?