#WCW-Robin Ann Morris (Audio)

High and Happy Women in Cannabis Wednesday 420 Edition!!!

Unemployment sucks. ESPECIALLY when you’ve decided to enter an industry you’re passionate about. But it’s absolutely possible, even if you aren’t in a legal state! And I met a phenomenal woman who is going to give you insight on just that.

Blogees, meet Robin Ann Morris, founder and CEO of MaryJane Agency! Yup, a cannabis industry staffing agency! How cool is that?

We had a great conversation and I hope you enjoy it too. Unfortunately the sound on my end is a bit distorted, but fortunately Robin comes in crystal clear. My mic hates my voice, I get it lol!

Born and raised in Sandusky, Ohio, Robin originally founded the MaryJane Agency in Denver, Colorado in 2015 after becoming a medical marijuana patient and moving there in 2009. She also created and currently owns several cannabis related websites, all of which has enabled her to gain vast knowledge of the ever changing cannabis industry.

Once Ohio became legalized, Robin decided to relocate back to her home town with a vision to bring jobs to her community. In 2015, her and business partner Michelle Blank now operates MaryJane Agency, a staffing and training agency! She truly wants to make a difference and has already earned high marks with Ohio candidates for her desire to help them succeed in this exciting new market.

Thinking outside the box while incorporating your current skills is the key to entering the industry. Take it from me; I started out volunteering and stalking people at free cannabis events lol, and it was well worth it. The experience alone will take you to new places, trust me!

For more information, visit http://maryjaneagency.us/, or search MaryJaneAgency on all social media, ESPECIALLY LinkedIn!

Robin, you are putting people to work! And without a cannabis industry, where would 420 be? Thank you for being this week’s special 420 Women in Cannabis Wednesday feature!



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