Ah Ah Ah…Don’t You Post That!

“Will I get arrested for posting pictures and videos of me smoking weed?”


I hope everyone had a great 420 weekend. But I also hope any memories you may have from your 420 adventures don’t end up getting any of you in trouble.

Don’t panic! But don’t sleep, either. Posts with any consumption, growing, selling, or simply displaying of cannabis can POSSIBLY get you in trouble.

Different states have different laws for posting illegal activity online. But ALL social media platforms have their own legal disclosure, which if broken, can be a valid charge against you. Take Instagram for instance (my page is still deleted lol). They claim to prohibit the posting of unlawful activity, while being the best place to go to see endless footage of people getting high.

People even sell weed online. Aside from possibly getting robbed, murdered, or arrested, you could lose your job! ANYTHING you put online is now property of the internet, remember that!

There are even police departments who set up fake accounts to spy on pro-cannabis pages. Matter of fact, tech logistics is making it possible to track cannabis users’ activity and even what they MAY do in the future. Check what I found on Herb.co:

Police departments are also using predictive analytical policing software.This allows them to select local neighborhoods to patrol, based on social networking posts. If people are emotionally upset, for instance, or advertising weed and posting it on social media, the software program labels the neighborhood “high risk,” telling cops to focus on the area.

One police officer said he “was looking for a suspect related to drug charges for over a month. When I looked him up on Facebook and requested him as a friend from a fictitious profile, he accepted” and “he kept ‘checkin in’ everywhere he went, so I was able to track him down very easily,” reports Business Insider.


Hey, no worries, there are absolutely legal ways to show off your cannalove. There are even ways of making money! But like any business, it takes work, research, and knowledge of the legalities. Check this article from The Guardian about WeedTubers, or people making money from YouTube videos about getting high.

If there’s anyone who loves a great social media page that celebrates the high life, it’s me. But if there’s anyone who knows first hand about getting arrested for it, it’s also me lol. And if there’s any comfort, know that cannabusinesses and advertisers are working hard to get more clearance and flexibility on both their posting AND the fates of people who show interest. This Adweek article gives more info on that, too.

Ok, don’t be scurred lol. But be cautious. If you aren’t a patient or don’t have a cannabusiness, don’t let what you post get you in trouble or blocked from opportunities. I love my blogees, and your protection comes first!


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