#WCW-Hood Incubator (video)

High blogees! Isn’t it a great day for another #WCW? 

Well I’ve got THREE! Meet Ebele Ifedigbo, Biseat Yawkal, and Lanese Martin are the co-founders of Hood Incubator, an excellent organization that helps people in cannabis operating illegally in cannabis transition into a legal business.

This is big y’all!

With only 1-2% of all cannabusinesses being owned by POC, while being almost 10 times as likely as white people to get arrested for a cannabis crime, legalization has clearly overlooked a certain demographic.

Founded in 2017, in Oakland, CA, Hood Incubator seeks to increase the pariticpation of POC in cannabis while advocating for racial and economic justice in the community. Matter of fact, they operate the first POC-focused accelerator in the nation. Two snaps ladies!!

Check the video below:

What the government won’t do, Black women will! Not only do they assist peoole with cannabis education, they provide a business intensive program that prepares POC to enter the cannabis industry legally!
Let’s raise a smoke for these three powerhouses! 

Thank you Hood Incubator, you are not only a part of the movement, you are one!

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