#WCW-Chirlane McCray

High and Happy #WCW blogees!

How goes it? Today, I wanted to introduce a unique addition to the extraordinary list of Clear As Smoke Women in Cannabis Wednesday!

Meet Chirlane McCray, creator of ThriveNYC which is the most comprehensive mental health plan in the history of this nation! She’s also the First Lady of New York City! She has an extensive background in public service, philanthropy, and advocacy for immigration, mental health, and now cannabis!

“Well first of all, from working with Thrive, it’s made me much more sensitive to issues of addiction and substance misuse, but also the criminalization of marijuana makes it really hard for those who are addicted… the fact that people get locked up for it, it also makes it more complicated,” McCray told The Observer in a phone interview.


From what I’ve read, she is concerned with the public health aspect of cannabis, including making sure it isn’t misused and wrongly exposed to children. Furthermore, she recognizes the economic boosting potential cannabis carries. Here’s the real tea. Her husband, Mayor Bill de Blasio, was not really feeling cannabis at first. Not saying he was against it, but on 4/20 last month, NY Daily News reported the mayor wasn’t fully convinced that New York should be legalized. Plus, last week CNN reported that he ordered NYC police to not arrest people caught smoking marijuana. Nice move Bill, very nice move! I’m not saying his lovely wife was the reason, but I’m also not saying she wasn’t lol.

Lady McCray doesn’t have the same all-inclusive views on legalization as many citizens hoping for legalization. Although she admitted to smoking pot in high school, she agrees the legal limit for recreational consumption should be 25. She also feels any drug can be a gateway substance to stronger drugs. But she also recognizes the disparity of cannabis arrests among minorities and the drastic change needed in opioid  addiction.

And for me, that’s enough to lovingly and admirably welcome Lady McCray into the Clear As Smoke #WCW family! And to learn more about ThriveNYC, check the links below!




“We need to be thoughtful about where we go so that people of color… are not shut out of those business and economic opportunities…” –First Lady Chirlane McCray

#TerpeneTuesday-Aye Pinene!

Close your eyes and imagine a thick, woody forest after a rain fall. The sun is shining through the pines and you take a deep breath.

Wait don’t close your eyes, how are you going to read this? Sheesh. Long story short, you are imagining the smell that the a pinene terpene gives pine needles. It also found in parsley, orange peels, and basil!

Remember that terpenes are the fragrant oils secreted in the trichomes of cannabis? Of course you do! But for your friends who don’t know, wink wink, here’s some brush up material: Click here

  • Anti-inflammatory 
  • Helps counter short-term memory loss often caused by THC 
  • Alertness!
  • Helps improve airflow to lungs 
  • Antioxidant
  • Antibacterial 

    But wait, what is (a) pinene? It’s one of the two types of pinene. Alpha, or a, pinene smells like pine needles or rosemary (so good on zucchini mmm). Beta, or b pinene smells like parsley, dill, hops, or basil. I’m getting hungry. 

    Pinene is one of the most regularly appearing terpenes in cannabis. And that’s a good thing.  Cannabis can be identified by smell instead of having to know the chemical compound. There’s plenty of strains in indica, sativa, and hybrids with pinene!

    Pinene has been found to help relieve those suffering from asthma, Crohn’s disease, arthritis, and cancer. AND, it helps to give a sort of balance to the potency of THC, which is very beneficial in preventing feelings like anxiety and paranoia. 

    Power to the pine! Get to know more about this powerful, earthy smelling terpenes via the links below!

    Enjoy your evening bloggers!




    Cannabis CBD vs Hemp CBD…TOE TO TOE!

    Happy Memorial Day Blogees!

    Ready for a blazing holiday battle? Lick the bbq sauce off your fingers and let’s learn about some CBD!!

    In the medical corner, we have cannabis derived CBD. In the recreational corner, we have hemp derived CBD. Let’s get ready to rumbllllllle!!

    First off, this match is brought to you by cannabidiol, aka CBD, which is a cannabinoid that has NO psychoactive effects! Let’s get it on!

    Cannabis-derived CBD

    Hemp-derived CBD

    Not legal in all 50 states Legal in all 50 states
    Contains enough THC to be considered psychoactive. AKA a buzz. Has less than 0.03% THC; not considered psychoactive. NO BUZZ BRUH.
    Illegal to transport across state lines Legal to transport across state lines
    Extracted from sativa cannabis and indica cannabis plant Extracted from ruderalis cannabis (industrial hemp)
    Contains all cannabinoids Contains only the cannabinoid CBD
    Contains medical benefits from all cannabinoids Contains benefits found in CBD only
    Can only be purchased in legal states or by medical patients that are 18 and older Can be purchased by anyone 18 years and older
    Found in flower, topicals, edibles, and concentrates Found in flower, topicals, edibles, and concentrates
    Plants grow to be 4-6 ft tall, on average Plants grow to be be 10-15 ft tall, on average.
    Not safe for pets Safe for pets

    Ok I don’t really know who won lol this wasn’t really a boxing match. Work with me people.

    One thing is for sure, while cannabis-derived CBD is healing patients, hemp-derived CBD gives people everywhere a chance to experience some of the healing properties of cannabis. The expansion and demand for hemp-derived cannabis sends a strong message to state governments everywhere. Whether legal or not, the people want cannabis! Legalize it!


    We’ll talk more about ruderalis later. In the meantime, comment below if you have ever tried hemp-derived or cannabis dervied CBD products!

    Seeking some great legal CBD products? When in Chicago, check out Tiffany Reynolds, a Clear As Smoke #WCW.

    #WCW-Tiffany Reynolds (Interview)

    And don’t forget, another CAS #WCW will be launching her legal CBD edibles line soon too!

    #WCW-Zairilla Bacon (Audio)

    Peace and Bud blogees!

    #WCW-Zairilla Bacon (Audio)

    High blogees!

    It’s Wednesday. You know what it is. Let’s get to it. I’m too geeked!

    I try to get you the best and only the best, and this week I promise I delivered! Today Clear As Smoke welcomes Zairilla Bacon, celebrity cannachef and a Chicago native!

    z bacon

    Known as the “Bacon Bitch,” Zairilla is quickly becoming one of the biggest celeb chefs, as her cuisine is becoming known as some of the most delicious in the cannabis industry! We had a great conversation, listen below!

    In case you haven’t YET seen her appearance on Viceland’s “Most Expensive” hosted by 2 Chainz, here’s a peek!

    Like many of us, Zairilla comes from a family that disapproved her cannabis use. While still in Chicago she successfully founded and ran her own catering company, Zairee Lee and Company. But she knew to get into.cannabis, she had to head to a legal state, so Nevada it was!

    Beggining as a cannabis dispensary delivery woman, she began experimenting with infused edibles like desserts and treats in her spare time. After careful experimentation with her own recipes, she developed her own cannaoils and cannabutters to use in her unique dishes.

    In 2015, she started Z Bacon, high quality medicated cuisine ranging from barbeque tp seafood, and everything in between! Gourmet presentation with her “can’t taste the cannabis” expertise is her signature combination!
    She’s also an advocate. Noticing how CBD heals people safely, she reflected on how cannabis could have helped extend her now deceased grandmother’s life. That inspires her to educate others on infusion and healing with cannabis. Dope!

    Now her Viceland video has gained over 10 million views, making it the HIGHEST raged episode in the “Most Expensive” series.

    Some of her celeb clients I can name include Method Man, Redman. Mike Tyson, and Paul Wall!

    Taking a trip to Las Vegas? Find out how to get some Z goodness!


    Don’t forget to check her mixtape too! What doesn’t this woman do?


    Find Zairilla on her website www.Zbacon.com, her menu http://www.zsmenu.com,  IG @zairillabacon, her YouTube, Facebook, Twitter @zairillabacon, and keep a lookout for her face on television and some big events coming up! Z, I hope you had as much fun as I did getting to know you. Blogees, light one up for another #WCW, thanks Zairilla Bacon!


    Legalization Means Dogs DIE? Riiiiiight.

    High and Happy Monday blogees! It’s a rainy, chilly day where I am, so if you share the same weather sentiment, cuddle close while the rain gently taps against the window…

    Now let’s talk about killing dogs! Kidding, I would never. But early last week I saw articles circulating regarding law enforcement’s K-9 unit narcotic-detecting dogs would either have to DIE or be replaced once cannabis is legal in Illinois. I’m not the biggest coffee drinker but I need a cup for this. Before I start my brew, let’s make good and sure I’m coming off nice and clear:  THIS IS ANTI-CANNABIS PROPAGANDA. Be right back…

    Newsweek reported that Macon County Sheriff Howard Buffet, yup Warren Buffett’s son, claimed that entire units of K-9 officers would have to be replaced if Illinois becomes a legal cannabis state. Officers meaning dog. Yes, a K-9 dog is an officer and killing an officer is a felony, right? Point is, this is nonsense. There’s other ways to skin this cat, and maybe this is a lesson learned. Side note, isn’t it morbid how some cops automatically see murder as the answer?

    Dogs are mostly domesticated for pets. Maybe, just maybe, it’s a good thing that less dogs will be used as another tool to lock up more people. Some dogs are dual police assistant dogs and narcotic-detectors, and have attacked innocent people in police pursuits and searches. But dogs are still needed to sniff out drugs like cocaine and heroin and new dogs will have to be trained for just that.

    Fortunately, many dog trainers and opposers (and people with half a brain) agree that this dog killing claim is simply cray.

    “It’s asinine. I fell out my chair when I saw that. It’s just…it’s insane,” said officer Marcell Patterson, the canine coordinator for the Oakland Police Department in California. When asked if any dogs had been euthanized as a direct result of legalization, he emphatically said no and described it as a “ridiculous” proposition. –Newsweek.com

    So, what are some alternative options for the doggies? Most K-9 handlers become so attached to the dogs, once it’s time for the dog to retire (which happens regardless of weed legalization or not, AKA THE DOGS GET TOO OLD TO SNIFF DRUGS) end up just keeping the dog as a pet. Pretty convenient, being that the dog is already the officer’s pet in lieu of training with them and living at home and playing with the kids. Seems like dogs are smart enough to know when it’s time to stop sniffin for a livin.

    And I’m almost sure most of them would rather be a service dog, maybe even a nice addition to a non-profit that cheers up terminally sick children. See if any lonely elderly residents could use a furry friend.

    Or, give the dogs another friggin job in another department like most legal states have already done. Duh.

    “It’s absolutely, unequivocally not true,” said Mark Rispoli, general counsel for the California Narcotic Canine Association, when asked if euthanization was used. “The dogs are either being retired or placed in a situation where marijuana is still illegal to possess. For example, jails, prisons and other correctional facilities.” –Newsweek.com

    Naturally, outrage from animal rights groups and dog trainers blossomed at the release of the sheriff’s statement. And that’s the issue that anti-cannabis propaganda births year after year. Ridiculous statements and predictions of why marijuana use should stay illegal or what will happen if it doesn’t! We have to stay focused blogees, because I can almost guarantee if there’s this much effort being put toward keeping cannabis legal, legalization won’t completely erase the crass opposition.

    Stay educated!







    Two Sessions Too Many!


    High blogees! Big things poppin so let’s get to it!

    Ever heard of the Rohrabacher-Farr amendment?  It’s the amendment used to protect medical cannabis businesses from federal interference. Meaning if it’s legal under state law, the feds can’t prosecute.  Now this doesn’t protect recreational cannabis measures at all, but medical is still a long way from nothing!

    The House Appropriations Committee approved of the amendment proposed by Ohio Republican Representative Dave Joyce being attached the medical marijuana protections to the 2019 Commerce, Justice and Science appropriations bill for the 2019 fiscal year. The first big deal is this is the first time that’s ever happened. The HOPE is that it makes it to the full House for a vote (not the show with Uncle Joey and the Olsen twins). Oh don’t tell me you don’t remember how a bill becomes a law!

    Got your refresher? Ok. So this amendment is a huge part of the bill that will head to Congress to sit for a while. But if squirrel-faced Attorney General Jeff Sessions keeps throwing out ways to block cannabis, that while could turn into forever. Just last month he said that approving new cannabis manufacturers could violate the U.N. Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs.

    Ok back to Joyce. His amendment has been approved by the House but Rules Committee Chairman Pete Session of Texas has successfully blocked House floor votes on cannabis amendments ever since 2015. Just last month he stopped measures for three hemp amendments to pass. BRUH!!

    And no, they’re not related by blood. Just by hate, stupidity, and weird facial expressions lol…


    …you be the judge. Point is, Pete Sessions is on a lower level of governmental power than Jeff Sessions but may be more powerful when it comes to blocking cannabis advancement. WHY? Pete is a bill blocker! In July 2017 he became notorious for blocking the proposed amendment that allowed veterans medical cannabis recommendations to get much needed medicine for their pain and PTSD. And that’s just one of his many blocks!

    Actual footage of Pete Sessions blocking House bills.

    The Sessions duo can’t change facts, and the more people speak up and speak out the better fight we have! An article on Marijuana Business Daily website reported nearly 3 out of every 4 American VOTERS support protecting cannabis programs from federal prosecution, according to the Quinnipiac University poll. I don’t know much about that university, but I like their polls. The newest survey also found that support for medical cannabis REMAINS at 93%. Remember when Jeff said, “good people don’t smoke marijuana” when he was first elected to Attorney General? Well Jeff, alot of “bad” people are voting against your turtle face! Label me a bad person if necessary lol!

    The people have spoken! Now we need to keep speaking!!! Join your local chapter of NORML to get started in advocating for your state. Or write to your state reps, many of them may already be co-sponsors for pro-cannabis bills and amendments!

    This link is a great portal to finding your state’s proposed bills, current laws, and legislators.  Scroll to the bottom to enter your state and get access to the NORML meetings and ways you can individually make an impact!

    Not really into politics? Tell a friend or relative! ALL VOICES MATTER MY LOVELY BLOGEES!

    Now toke up, and go enjoy the rest of this beautiful weekend.


    “I’ve had a few great experiences with pot that I can’t remember!” –Bog Saget

    #TBT-My Persuasive College Essay About Legalizing Cannabis

    High blogees!

    When I was taking course to finish my business degree, speech was the class I excelled in. I can talk alot, can’t you tell?

    Decided to put it on put there and persuade everyone that cannabis should be legal. I got an A, and a great conversation with my professor about how to get involved on the activism tip. She was into cannabis too!!

    Oh I know you didn’t think I was about to re-type all that! No, college work is history for me. No pun intended!

    No matter what age, learning about cannabis is almost like being in college. You must study, network, even work in a group. Your grade is up to you!

    Check back tomorrow blogees, always something good blowing in the wind at Clear As Smoke! Peace!

    #WCW-Gia Morón (Audio)

    High blogees? How’s it hanging?

    No beating around the bush today, we need to get right to this interview. This week’s sparkling feature for Women in Cannabis Wednesday happens to be Gia Morón, the NOW Executive Vice President for Women Grow. (Remember Chanda Macias, Maryland/DC chapter leader of Women Grow? Click here!) She served as Director of Communications for the organization, now she’s moving on up! Yaaaaas!

    With an extensive background in public relations, Gia founded and is CEO of GVM Communications in 2012. Prior to that, she was contributing her talents to Goldman Sachs Group for 15 years as a Media Relations Officer. She works with numerous non-profits, advocates for cannabis, and mentors young women in business here and in South Africa!

    She was not only gracious enough to speak to Clear As Smoke, but gave some very inspiring words for all people of color seeking to enter the cannabis industry, and the need for marijuana offense law reform. Oh she’s something, let’s not even get it twisted. Listen below!

    Need I elaborate? I mean, I can just shut the laptop now, what else can be added to such a DOPE conversation?

    Mad love to Gia and all the queens at Women Grow, doing it for future #WCWs everywhere! Gia, this puff’s for you!!

    #TerpeneTuesday-Hoppin’ Humulene!

    High and Happy #TerpeneTuesday!              I hashtag anything.

    Ever smelled fresh clove? It’s my favorite when blended with cinnamon and nutmeg in baked goods or some tea on a chilly evening. Well, that’s just humble humulene, the woody, earthy, kind of spicy terpene found in clove, hops, basil, and of course cannabis!

    Notice that hops and basil also have mercene, remember the terpene found in mangoes? If not click here. Well many terpenes are found in the same plants and herbs. And yes, like cannabis they carry all the yummy benefits that naturally occur. So eat your produce and herbs, not just smoke em! I also love how hops hasso many terpenes because I love beer. Mmm…beer.

    Oh yea, never too much beer lol.

    Speaking of benefits, humulene has a very unique combo of them. In addition to being anti-bacteral, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, and pharmacokinetic…hold on lemme look that up.

    Ok pharmacokinetic defines the movement of drugs throughout the body, which is mad important for science and discovering cures.

    Now aside from all that, humulene is the terpene that actually suppresses hunger. Yup, not all cannabis gives you the munchies! And strains heavy with this terpene help people keep food down and not have heavy appetites while suffering from nausea. Remember, serious illnesses or the medicine to treat them often has nausea and vomiting as side effects. Cannabis safely reduces and eliminates those symptoms!

    Terpenes are the fragrant essential oils secreted by plants, giving them their unique smells and taste. In cannabis, terpenes also contribute to each characteristic of different strains. Next time, we’re gonna discuss the lemony terpene limonene!

    Enjoy today blogees!
    “I went to Vietnam and I was there a long time. [Using marijuana] made the difference between staying human, or as Michael Douglas said, becoming a beast.” –Oliver Stone


    Hey Blogees!

    I hope you and yours had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend!

    I spent it listening to my mom about the labor pains I gave her, and why I’m an only child. Cheers lol!

    What’s more exciting is my attendance to the 8th Annual Women’s Health Careers Networking Social, where I met some phenomenal women of color employed in the healthcare industry and non-profit sector. There I met Mama Dee, esteemed radio host and public speaker in Chicago, to come on her show TONIGHT!

    SO of course I had to let my blogee family know, so you all can tune in, watch, listen, and of course CALL in with questions and comments. Don’t call in messing with me lol you know I’m silly. But I would love to hear from all of you, and I hope you are able to tune in.

    Ways to listen:

    Radio: 98.3 WGHC Chicago

    Facebook Live: http://www.Facebook.com/MamaDeeSpeaks

    Listen online: http://www.WGHCFM.org

    Listen via phone: (563)999-3221

    App: Download the TuneIn app and search WGHC FM

    And of course call in with your questions (I’ll do my best lol) to (773)942-7167

    Blogees, you all have helped me get from a dusty writer to a featured media contributor and patient care specialist. Thank you. 

    Keep writing me, educating me, learning from me, and being YOU! And why shouldn’t you, after all…

    Cannabis knowledge is for everyone. 

    I LUH y’all!