Hey Blogees!

I hope you and yours had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend!

I spent it listening to my mom about the labor pains I gave her, and why I’m an only child. Cheers lol!

What’s more exciting is my attendance to the 8th Annual Women’s Health Careers Networking Social, where I met some phenomenal women of color employed in the healthcare industry and non-profit sector. There I met Mama Dee, esteemed radio host and public speaker in Chicago, to come on her show TONIGHT!

SO of course I had to let my blogee family know, so you all can tune in, watch, listen, and of course CALL in with questions and comments. Don’t call in messing with me lol you know I’m silly. But I would love to hear from all of you, and I hope you are able to tune in.

Ways to listen:

Radio: 98.3 WGHC Chicago

Facebook Live: http://www.Facebook.com/MamaDeeSpeaks

Listen online: http://www.WGHCFM.org

Listen via phone: (563)999-3221

App: Download the TuneIn app and search WGHC FM

And of course call in with your questions (I’ll do my best lol) to (773)942-7167

Blogees, you all have helped me get from a dusty writer to a featured media contributor and patient care specialist. Thank you. 

Keep writing me, educating me, learning from me, and being YOU! And why shouldn’t you, after all…

Cannabis knowledge is for everyone. 

I LUH y’all!

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