#WCW-Gia Morón (Audio)

High blogees? How’s it hanging?

No beating around the bush today, we need to get right to this interview. This week’s sparkling feature for Women in Cannabis Wednesday happens to be Gia Morón, the NOW Executive Vice President for Women Grow. (Remember Chanda Macias, Maryland/DC chapter leader of Women Grow? Click here!) She served as Director of Communications for the organization, now she’s moving on up! Yaaaaas!

With an extensive background in public relations, Gia founded and is CEO of GVM Communications in 2012. Prior to that, she was contributing her talents to Goldman Sachs Group for 15 years as a Media Relations Officer. She works with numerous non-profits, advocates for cannabis, and mentors young women in business here and in South Africa!

She was not only gracious enough to speak to Clear As Smoke, but gave some very inspiring words for all people of color seeking to enter the cannabis industry, and the need for marijuana offense law reform. Oh she’s something, let’s not even get it twisted. Listen below!

Need I elaborate? I mean, I can just shut the laptop now, what else can be added to such a DOPE conversation?

Mad love to Gia and all the queens at Women Grow, doing it for future #WCWs everywhere! Gia, this puff’s for you!!

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