Two Sessions Too Many!


High blogees! Big things poppin so let’s get to it!

Ever heard of the Rohrabacher-Farr amendment?  It’s the amendment used to protect medical cannabis businesses from federal interference. Meaning if it’s legal under state law, the feds can’t prosecute.  Now this doesn’t protect recreational cannabis measures at all, but medical is still a long way from nothing!

The House Appropriations Committee approved of the amendment proposed by Ohio Republican Representative Dave Joyce being attached the medical marijuana protections to the 2019 Commerce, Justice and Science appropriations bill for the 2019 fiscal year. The first big deal is this is the first time that’s ever happened. The HOPE is that it makes it to the full House for a vote (not the show with Uncle Joey and the Olsen twins). Oh don’t tell me you don’t remember how a bill becomes a law!

Got your refresher? Ok. So this amendment is a huge part of the bill that will head to Congress to sit for a while. But if squirrel-faced Attorney General Jeff Sessions keeps throwing out ways to block cannabis, that while could turn into forever. Just last month he said that approving new cannabis manufacturers could violate the U.N. Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs.

Ok back to Joyce. His amendment has been approved by the House but Rules Committee Chairman Pete Session of Texas has successfully blocked House floor votes on cannabis amendments ever since 2015. Just last month he stopped measures for three hemp amendments to pass. BRUH!!

And no, they’re not related by blood. Just by hate, stupidity, and weird facial expressions lol…


…you be the judge. Point is, Pete Sessions is on a lower level of governmental power than Jeff Sessions but may be more powerful when it comes to blocking cannabis advancement. WHY? Pete is a bill blocker! In July 2017 he became notorious for blocking the proposed amendment that allowed veterans medical cannabis recommendations to get much needed medicine for their pain and PTSD. And that’s just one of his many blocks!

Actual footage of Pete Sessions blocking House bills.

The Sessions duo can’t change facts, and the more people speak up and speak out the better fight we have! An article on Marijuana Business Daily website reported nearly 3 out of every 4 American VOTERS support protecting cannabis programs from federal prosecution, according to the Quinnipiac University poll. I don’t know much about that university, but I like their polls. The newest survey also found that support for medical cannabis REMAINS at 93%. Remember when Jeff said, “good people don’t smoke marijuana” when he was first elected to Attorney General? Well Jeff, alot of “bad” people are voting against your turtle face! Label me a bad person if necessary lol!

The people have spoken! Now we need to keep speaking!!! Join your local chapter of NORML to get started in advocating for your state. Or write to your state reps, many of them may already be co-sponsors for pro-cannabis bills and amendments!

This link is a great portal to finding your state’s proposed bills, current laws, and legislators.  Scroll to the bottom to enter your state and get access to the NORML meetings and ways you can individually make an impact!

Not really into politics? Tell a friend or relative! ALL VOICES MATTER MY LOVELY BLOGEES!

Now toke up, and go enjoy the rest of this beautiful weekend.


“I’ve had a few great experiences with pot that I can’t remember!” –Bog Saget

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