Legalization Means Dogs DIE? Riiiiiight.

High and Happy Monday blogees! It’s a rainy, chilly day where I am, so if you share the same weather sentiment, cuddle close while the rain gently taps against the window…

Now let’s talk about killing dogs! Kidding, I would never. But early last week I saw articles circulating regarding law enforcement’s K-9 unit narcotic-detecting dogs would either have to DIE or be replaced once cannabis is legal in Illinois. I’m not the biggest coffee drinker but I need a cup for this. Before I start my brew, let’s make good and sure I’m coming off nice and clear:  THIS IS ANTI-CANNABIS PROPAGANDA. Be right back…

Newsweek reported that Macon County Sheriff Howard Buffet, yup Warren Buffett’s son, claimed that entire units of K-9 officers would have to be replaced if Illinois becomes a legal cannabis state. Officers meaning dog. Yes, a K-9 dog is an officer and killing an officer is a felony, right? Point is, this is nonsense. There’s other ways to skin this cat, and maybe this is a lesson learned. Side note, isn’t it morbid how some cops automatically see murder as the answer?

Dogs are mostly domesticated for pets. Maybe, just maybe, it’s a good thing that less dogs will be used as another tool to lock up more people. Some dogs are dual police assistant dogs and narcotic-detectors, and have attacked innocent people in police pursuits and searches. But dogs are still needed to sniff out drugs like cocaine and heroin and new dogs will have to be trained for just that.

Fortunately, many dog trainers and opposers (and people with half a brain) agree that this dog killing claim is simply cray.

“It’s asinine. I fell out my chair when I saw that. It’s just…it’s insane,” said officer Marcell Patterson, the canine coordinator for the Oakland Police Department in California. When asked if any dogs had been euthanized as a direct result of legalization, he emphatically said no and described it as a “ridiculous” proposition. –

So, what are some alternative options for the doggies? Most K-9 handlers become so attached to the dogs, once it’s time for the dog to retire (which happens regardless of weed legalization or not, AKA THE DOGS GET TOO OLD TO SNIFF DRUGS) end up just keeping the dog as a pet. Pretty convenient, being that the dog is already the officer’s pet in lieu of training with them and living at home and playing with the kids. Seems like dogs are smart enough to know when it’s time to stop sniffin for a livin.

And I’m almost sure most of them would rather be a service dog, maybe even a nice addition to a non-profit that cheers up terminally sick children. See if any lonely elderly residents could use a furry friend.

Or, give the dogs another friggin job in another department like most legal states have already done. Duh.

“It’s absolutely, unequivocally not true,” said Mark Rispoli, general counsel for the California Narcotic Canine Association, when asked if euthanization was used. “The dogs are either being retired or placed in a situation where marijuana is still illegal to possess. For example, jails, prisons and other correctional facilities.” –

Naturally, outrage from animal rights groups and dog trainers blossomed at the release of the sheriff’s statement. And that’s the issue that anti-cannabis propaganda births year after year. Ridiculous statements and predictions of why marijuana use should stay illegal or what will happen if it doesn’t! We have to stay focused blogees, because I can almost guarantee if there’s this much effort being put toward keeping cannabis legal, legalization won’t completely erase the crass opposition.

Stay educated!





2 Replies to “Legalization Means Dogs DIE? Riiiiiight.”

  1. What!!!! That’s insane as if there dogs are solely trained for cannabis purposes only. They go through an intense training for other narcotics as well. I doubt they would be euthanized.

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