#WCW-Zairilla Bacon (Audio)

High blogees!

It’s Wednesday. You know what it is. Let’s get to it. I’m too geeked!

I try to get you the best and only the best, and this week I promise I delivered! Today Clear As Smoke welcomes Zairilla Bacon, celebrity cannachef and a Chicago native!

z bacon

Known as the “Bacon Bitch,” Zairilla is quickly becoming one of the biggest celeb chefs, as her cuisine is becoming known as some of the most delicious in the cannabis industry! We had a great conversation, listen below!

In case you haven’t YET seen her appearance on Viceland’s “Most Expensive” hosted by 2 Chainz, here’s a peek!

Like many of us, Zairilla comes from a family that disapproved her cannabis use. While still in Chicago she successfully founded and ran her own catering company, Zairee Lee and Company. But she knew to get into.cannabis, she had to head to a legal state, so Nevada it was!

Beggining as a cannabis dispensary delivery woman, she began experimenting with infused edibles like desserts and treats in her spare time. After careful experimentation with her own recipes, she developed her own cannaoils and cannabutters to use in her unique dishes.

In 2015, she started Z Bacon, high quality medicated cuisine ranging from barbeque tp seafood, and everything in between! Gourmet presentation with her “can’t taste the cannabis” expertise is her signature combination!
She’s also an advocate. Noticing how CBD heals people safely, she reflected on how cannabis could have helped extend her now deceased grandmother’s life. That inspires her to educate others on infusion and healing with cannabis. Dope!

Now her Viceland video has gained over 10 million views, making it the HIGHEST raged episode in the “Most Expensive” series.

Some of her celeb clients I can name include Method Man, Redman. Mike Tyson, and Paul Wall!

Taking a trip to Las Vegas? Find out how to get some Z goodness!


Don’t forget to check her mixtape too! What doesn’t this woman do?


Find Zairilla on her website www.Zbacon.com, her menu http://www.zsmenu.com,  IG @zairillabacon, her YouTube, Facebook, Twitter @zairillabacon, and keep a lookout for her face on television and some big events coming up! Z, I hope you had as much fun as I did getting to know you. Blogees, light one up for another #WCW, thanks Zairilla Bacon!


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