Cannabis CBD vs Hemp CBD…TOE TO TOE!

Happy Memorial Day Blogees!

Ready for a blazing holiday battle? Lick the bbq sauce off your fingers and let’s learn about some CBD!!

In the medical corner, we have cannabis derived CBD. In the recreational corner, we have hemp derived CBD. Let’s get ready to rumbllllllle!!

First off, this match is brought to you by cannabidiol, aka CBD, which is a cannabinoid that has NO psychoactive effects! Let’s get it on!

Cannabis-derived CBD

Hemp-derived CBD

Not legal in all 50 states Legal in all 50 states
Contains enough THC to be considered psychoactive. AKA a buzz. Has less than 0.03% THC; not considered psychoactive. NO BUZZ BRUH.
Illegal to transport across state lines Legal to transport across state lines
Extracted from sativa cannabis and indica cannabis plant Extracted from ruderalis cannabis (industrial hemp)
Contains all cannabinoids Contains only the cannabinoid CBD
Contains medical benefits from all cannabinoids Contains benefits found in CBD only
Can only be purchased in legal states or by medical patients that are 18 and older Can be purchased by anyone 18 years and older
Found in flower, topicals, edibles, and concentrates Found in flower, topicals, edibles, and concentrates
Plants grow to be 4-6 ft tall, on average Plants grow to be be 10-15 ft tall, on average.
Not safe for pets Safe for pets

Ok I don’t really know who won lol this wasn’t really a boxing match. Work with me people.

One thing is for sure, while cannabis-derived CBD is healing patients, hemp-derived CBD gives people everywhere a chance to experience some of the healing properties of cannabis. The expansion and demand for hemp-derived cannabis sends a strong message to state governments everywhere. Whether legal or not, the people want cannabis! Legalize it!


We’ll talk more about ruderalis later. In the meantime, comment below if you have ever tried hemp-derived or cannabis dervied CBD products!

Seeking some great legal CBD products? When in Chicago, check out Tiffany Reynolds, a Clear As Smoke #WCW.

#WCW-Tiffany Reynolds (Interview)

And don’t forget, another CAS #WCW will be launching her legal CBD edibles line soon too!

#WCW-Zairilla Bacon (Audio)

Peace and Bud blogees!

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