#WCW-Chirlane McCray

High and Happy #WCW blogees!

How goes it? Today, I wanted to introduce a unique addition to the extraordinary list of Clear As Smoke Women in Cannabis Wednesday!

Meet Chirlane McCray, creator of ThriveNYC which is the most comprehensive mental health plan in the history of this nation! She’s also the First Lady of New York City! She has an extensive background in public service, philanthropy, and advocacy for immigration, mental health, and now cannabis!

“Well first of all, from working with Thrive, it’s made me much more sensitive to issues of addiction and substance misuse, but also the criminalization of marijuana makes it really hard for those who are addicted… the fact that people get locked up for it, it also makes it more complicated,” McCray told The Observer in a phone interview.


From what I’ve read, she is concerned with the public health aspect of cannabis, including making sure it isn’t misused and wrongly exposed to children. Furthermore, she recognizes the economic boosting potential cannabis carries. Here’s the real tea. Her husband, Mayor Bill de Blasio, was not really feeling cannabis at first. Not saying he was against it, but on 4/20 last month, NY Daily News reported the mayor wasn’t fully convinced that New York should be legalized. Plus, last week CNN reported that he ordered NYC police to not arrest people caught smoking marijuana. Nice move Bill, very nice move! I’m not saying his lovely wife was the reason, but I’m also not saying she wasn’t lol.

Lady McCray doesn’t have the same all-inclusive views on legalization as many citizens hoping for legalization. Although she admitted to smoking pot in high school, she agrees the legal limit for recreational consumption should be 25. She also feels any drug can be a gateway substance to stronger drugs. But she also recognizes the disparity of cannabis arrests among minorities and the drastic change needed in opioid  addiction.

And for me, that’s enough to lovingly and admirably welcome Lady McCray into the Clear As Smoke #WCW family! And to learn more about ThriveNYC, check the links below!




“We need to be thoughtful about where we go so that people of color… are not shut out of those business and economic opportunities…” –First Lady Chirlane McCray

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