#TerpeneTuesday-Lemony Limonene!

(Is that how you spell lemony? Is lemony a word? Let me focus)

High blogees!

Terpenes make everything better in the world of cannabis. They are the fragrant secretions of oil in plants, and so much more! In cannabis, a very popular terpene has a bright, citrusy scent and happens to aid in acid reflux. Let’s talk about limonene!

Lemon Skunk, Durban Poison (one of my favs), and OG Kush are some of the strains dripping with limonene. And how lucky they are! This terpene has abilities to uplift, heal, and invigorate! It’s also a savage terpene; straight kills cancer cell growth, reduces inflammation, and aids in the prevention of tumors. Don’t catch this terpene in dark alley at night, it’s a tough cookie! Studies have shown it even may help the discomfort of heartburn and gastric reflux. Heck, I also heard limonene was a great home remedy for acne and athletes foot!



This powerful terpene is:

  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-depressant
  • Anti-fungal

Outside of cannabis, if you’ve peeled a citrus fruit or cleaned with lemon scented furniture polish, you touched or smelled limonene. Regardless of your current mood, it’s hard not to have that instant “mmm” or “aahhhh” reaction when you inhale that citrusy goodness! Which is why limonene is usually found in sativa or sativa-dominant strains, like Tangie, which are uplifting and energizing. Although limonene is absolutely found in indica strains, it’s not as frequent.

So, when life gives you lemons, be happy! You’ve got a bunch of limonene there, and plenty uses for it. Or, reach for your favorite sativa strain, you’ll probably find a good amount.

If you’ve made it this far and have no idea what a terpene is, or why you should care lol, click here!

Have a safe and happy Fourth of July weekend blogees! I’m more of a Juneteeth lady myself, but as long as you’re with family and friends any day is a holiday!



Congratulations Canada!

There are a lot of pages from Canada’s book that America could learn from. Earlier this week, another lesson emerged: LEGALIZE IT!

Tuesday, Canada’s Senate voted 52-29 to allow adult recreational use of cannabis! When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was campaigning in 2015, he ensured his administration would make legalization a top priority. As the legalization bill’s ink dried, Canadian officials announced that adult-use sales would start September 1 of this year. Just yesterday, however, the country’s Minister of Health announced that sales will begin October 17, 2018.

With Uruguay being the only other country to have legalized recreational cannabis use for adults, what was the hot-button reason for Canada? Trudeau expressed in a tweet the accessibility of cannabis to children and the profitability for criminals was the reason behind legalization. In other words, when you legalize, you can regulate!

“Now we can start to tackle some of the harms of cannabis. We can start to be proactive in public education. We’ll see the end of criminalization and we can start addressing Canada’s $7 billion illegal market,” Senator Tony Dean told CBC News. He was one of the sponsors of the bill, C-45, which was initially supposed to be passed by both houses of Parliament before the proposed date for retail sales of July 1. Postponement was due to further review of the bill.

Oh it was a battle. A true back and forth between the House of Commons and the Senate, who proposed 46 amendments to the bill; 13 of which were rejected by the Liberal government. And with individual provinces such as Quebec and Manitoba having federal support to enact their own laws even in lieu of legalization, the bill may end up seeing future amendment proposals. We shall see blogees!

At-home personal cultivation isn’t allowed in many places, just like the distribution of cannabis company swag (tees, mugs, buttons, keychains, etc) with their logos. Most of those who voted against the bill were Conservatives who see the bill as simply a cash cow, and not an effective method of regulation.

Know what I think?  Don’t knock it until you try it Canada.




#WCW-Roz McCarthy (Audio)

High and happy Women in Cannabis Wednesday!!

I can’t stress this enough. If you want to be successful in the cannabis industry you must be an advocate. After all, you want to enter an industry that is federally illegal and inaccessible to underrepresented demographics. Such as minorities.

Meet Roz McCarthy, founder and CEO of Minorities for Medical Marijuana! She’s an uplifting advocate, business consultant, and marketing/development company owner. She founded The Genesis Group in 2013 and has since helped companies like Dept of Veterans Affairs, AT&T, and Edward D. Jones reach their successes with diversity planning, branding strategies, and project management.

Don’t let me bore you, this woman is packed full of energy and inspiration. Listen below!!

Roz, you are truly a force to be reckoned with. And happy 2 years to M4MM!! If you are serious about being an activist for the inclusion of people of color in the industry, make sure you joing Minorities for Medical Marijuana! Super dab for Roz!

Here’s a quick video celebrating their 2 year anniversary!

Make sure to check out the M4MM website at minorities4medicalmarijuana.org !


Ruderalis-The Cannabis Outlier

It’s almost Friedday blogees, smile!

So remember my post about hemp-derived CBD and cannabis-derived CBD? Good, because it’s time to talk more about hemp, which sometimes gets confused with ruderalis. When first learning about cannabis, I knew this was the “other” type of plant besides indica and sativa. But I’ll be honest, I could not have cared less about a cannabis plant that doesn’t get you high. I guess you could say I was rude to ruderalis.

Don’t knock me for my ignorance! This type of cannabis plant is low in THC, but not in importance!

Hemp is grown for industrial cultivation, and is used for hundreds of uses including shoes, insulation, and pet food. Ruderalis is used to create unique hybrids with current indica or sativa strains. It also helps cannabis plants with auto-flowering, meaning the blossoming of the beautiful buds we know as marijuana. That’s the general difference, but definitely not the only one.

This quick video will fill in any ruderalis info I’m sure I will miss lol.


Ruderalis comes from the term ruderal, referring to plant species that grow despite their human-influenced environment, or Mother Nature switching things up as far as weather or soil. Where other plants die, ruderal lives. In cannabis, this is king, because indica and sativa strains can’t survive on just any ol’ watering or light schedule. Matter of fact, ruderalis is rumored to be the descendant of an indica strain that didn’t die during harsh climates which creates short growing season for most crops.

Is ruderalis sometimes used to grow hemp? Absolutely! And that’s another difference between the two. Hemp cultivated for consumable products gets a potent CBD boost from ruderalis.

Ruderalis strains can be found for sale for consumption, but rarely. Cannabis strain breeders can count on the genes of ruderalis to help their strains flower when the light schedule, for instance, isn’t exactly on point. This baby is gonna bloom regardless honey! *z snap*



Let’s show more love to ruderalis. For cannabis, it’s the rose that grew from concrete! Stay educated blogees!

#WCW-Laura Mz. Limitless Turner (Interview)

High and Happy Women in Cannabis Wednesday blogees!

My hope is that the highlighting of these remarkable women in the cannabis industry weekly will encourage and inspire others to think outside the box when it comes to careers. What a privilege that week after week, I’m discovering another #WCW that is tackling unique and necessary areas of the industry, like waste management. Blogees, meet Laura Mz. Limitless Turner, founder and owner of Cannabis Waste Management!

I was blown away by how much there is to know about cannabis waste policies and the need for recycling. The last thing that most people even think about when starting their business or organization is the trash! Recycling cannabis products and waste is a crucial initiative every cannabis business should consider.

Additionally, she’s a blogger, writer, actress, and marketer, whew! This lady is doing the most, and we are here for it!

Listen below to learn more about Laura’s journey, and some GREAT waste management tips for any future cannabusiness owners out there!


A wife of 25 years and mother of three adult children and two Siberian huskies, Laura has been soil deep in to organics since before 2005. When she moved to GA, calling around to find the local weed man was not an option, so she learned to grow her own.
Rapid weight gain due to pregnancy, caused her to have her gallbladder removed in 1997, negatively impacting her digestive system.The only way she could eat or prevent the cramping, pain, and nausea was with cannabis. This intensified her organic journey to better health.
Taking control of her food, she began growing as much on her own as possible, which soon turned into a mission to create her own organic compost. Problem was, she wanted to be able to grow year round. This meant finding a composting solution that wouldn’t take moths of turning and curing before it was usable. This led to her discovery of anaerobic fermentation and the birth of her mission to help CalRecycle divert 75% of all food and green waste away from landfills. This, she felt, was her way of doing something positive for the community and to give back to the environment.
Over the years, Laura has ran the retail department of a major vape company, Got Vape, while creating her own internationally known vape brand, F5 Cottons. She has always wanted to grow cannabis on a larger scale, but felt her organic skills and talents were needed elsewhere. This led to the creation of CWR SoCal, where their mission is to help further close the loop of sustainability, by using the by-products of composted cannabis waste to grow food for low and no income families.

Check out her business at cannabiswasterecycling.com

Thanks so much Queen Limitless! Laura, you were an awesome interview and a great inspiration. Put one in the air for her blogees!

#WCW-Iyana Edouard

High and Happy Women in Cannabis Wednesday blogees!

They say beauty is only skin deep, well this week’s #WCW is taking it below the surface, into cannabis!

Meet Iyana Edouard, creator of Kush & Cute hemp and CBD-infused skin care products! She is blowing the industry over with her unique product line, plus her advocacy! Being a medical cannabis patient herself, she noticed there was little to no presence of Black women in the industry.

After graduating from college, she moved to California and began working for an online head shop and wholesale shop. She performed digital media and social networking services while learning more about cannabis.


While making some homemade bath scrub, the idea light bulb lit up! She saw a void in both the skin care and cannabis industries for hemp products for sensitive skin. There she started creating hemp and CBD-infused body scrubs, oils, and bath bombs. And boom, in August 2016, Kush & Cute handmade body care was created. At only 23 years old, this woman is a cannabis industry powerhouse!

As all of the Clear As Smoke #WCW features, Iyana is huge on advocacy.  Her social media is a hub of cannabis history and information. Now why would someone in skin care need to post facts about pot? BECAUSE CANNABIS EDUCATION IS FOR EVERYONE!!

Make sure you check our her page, Kush And Cute , and follow her on Instagram @kushandcute!

Let’s inhale and exhale a huge THANK YOU to lady Iyana, and make sure to shop her products. They are legal for everyone and beneficial, to say the least!




#TerpeneTuesday-Lavish Linalool

Happy #TerpeneTuesday blogees!

It’s a beautiful day in Chicago, and where there’s sun, there’s flowers! Let’s stop and smell one of their terpenes, linalool!

The same terpenes found in cannabis are found in many other plants. Nothing is different with linalool, which gives off a fresh, lavender scent but also has a spicy hint. This terpene is found in over 200 plants beside cannabis. Matter of fact, you probably have consumed a couple of grams within the past year alone, with or without cannabis!

It’s also found in bergamot, rosewood, coriander, peanut stem and leaves,  rose, and jasmine. In cannabis, linalool is found mostly in indica-dominant strains. Soaps, lotions, deoderants, and shampoos often get their floral scents from linalool extract.

Linalool is:

  • Anti-inflammatory 
  • Anti-spasmodic
  • Anti-septic 
  • Anti-fungal
  • Sedative 

Linalool has been shown to reduce pain and swelling. It’s antifungal properties are most present when applied topically, killing candida growth (causes yeast infractions and the oral infection thrush) and fungal cells. 

Linalool can also be consumed by diffused inhalation, which is a very popular method for people suffering from anxiety or insomnia. While it’s a calmimg terpene, linalool is also strong enough to kill anthrax spores. AND in the past couple of years, studies are finding it may have the properties to reverse Alzheimer’s disease! 

Terpenes, plant’s little superheroes, are the compounds found in scented oils that are secreted.  Ancient and modern medicine use herbs, plants, and essential oils for healing different diseases and symptoms. Terpenes gives each plant its healing and scent-identifying properties. Click HERE for more info on terpenes!

So, when seeking cannabis strains with linalool, just follow your nose! Popular strains heavy with this terpene include Grand Daddy Purp, Kosher Kush,and of course, Lavender, or most purple strains. How lovely!



Southern University Set To Be First HBCU With A Medical Cannabis Program

Good morning blogees! And Happy Friedday!

This week has been tumultuous in the news, from ABC cancelling shows, Hawaii still evacuating residents in fear of lava, and bad CBD making over 50 people sick in Utah. So, nothing wrong with some good news, right? Let’s kick off June the right way!

Congratulations is truly in order to Southern University! The Louisiana historically Black University will be the first HBCU to have a medical marijuana research program. Representation for people of color in cannabis is growing, and getting into colleges and universities is a huge step.

Many HBCU’s suffer from lack of funding and resources. Others have ran into obstacles in administration or student retention. I have a feeling if more schools followed in Southern’s footsteps, these hurdles can be overcame!

I went to Fisk University, also an HBCU, in Nashville, TN. Although I was introduced to cannabis in high school, it was at Fisk where I met students from all over the world, and learned about marijuana from a whole new perspective. Heck, I didn’t even know what a strain was! Lol the first strain I consumed while actually knowing the name was white widow. Then I had no idea it was an evenly balanced hybrid of both heavy indica and heavy sativa that aids greatly in stress and depression. No wonder I was looking for some white widow in the daytime with a flashlight…

Actual footage of me in 2005 looking for white widow

ANYWHOO, the Southern University Agricultural and Extension center will join forces with Louisiana State University to research and cultivate medical cannabis on both campuses. With LA being a medical state, this will make more green than just pot for Southern. Advanced Biometrics, a Louisiana-based medical-cannabis quality product company, is contracting the program. The research center will receive $6 million and the school itself gets $1 million for each renewed contract. Let’s go Southern!

I always need a reason to visit New Orleans, now Baton Rouge too? Who’s coming with me??

Enjoy your weekend blogees!

Hey, and if you’re in Chicago tomorrow, there’s a couple of great events you should attend, check below!