Congratulations Canada!

With Uruguay being the only other country to have legalized recreational cannabis use for adults, what was the hot-button reason for Canada? Trudeau expressed in a tweet the accessibility of cannabis to children and the profitability for criminals was the reason behind legalization. In other words, when you legalize, you can regulate!

Ruderalis-The Cannabis Outlier

When first learning about cannabis, I knew this was the "other" type of plant besides indica and sativa. But I'll be honest, I could not have cared less about a cannabis plant that doesn't get you high. I guess you could say I was rude to ruderalis.

#WCW-Laura Mz. Limitless Turner (Interview)

The last thing that most people even think about when starting their business or organization is the trash! Recycling cannabis products and waste is a crucial initiative every cannabis business should consider. Laura was definitely limitless when she started CWR, and is an advocate regarding environmental protection and the potential money making opportunities in this field!

#WCW-Iyana Edouard

Meet Iyana Edouard, creator of Kush & Cute hemp and CBD-infused skin care products! She is blowing the industry over with her unique product line, plus her advocacy! Being a medical cannabis patient herself, she noticed there was little to no presence of Black women in the industry. 

Southern University Set To Be First HBCU With A Medical Cannabis Program

Good morning blogees! And Happy Friedday! This week has been tumultuous in the news, from ABC cancelling shows, Hawaii still evacuating residents in fear of lava, and bad CBD making over 50 people sick in Utah. So, nothing wrong with some good news, right? Let's kick off June the right way! Congratulations is truly in …