Southern University Set To Be First HBCU With A Medical Cannabis Program

Good morning blogees! And Happy Friedday!

This week has been tumultuous in the news, from ABC cancelling shows, Hawaii still evacuating residents in fear of lava, and bad CBD making over 50 people sick in Utah. So, nothing wrong with some good news, right? Let’s kick off June the right way!

Congratulations is truly in order to Southern University! The Louisiana historically Black University will be the first HBCU to have a medical marijuana research program. Representation for people of color in cannabis is growing, and getting into colleges and universities is a huge step.

Many HBCU’s suffer from lack of funding and resources. Others have ran into obstacles in administration or student retention. I have a feeling if more schools followed in Southern’s footsteps, these hurdles can be overcame!

I went to Fisk University, also an HBCU, in Nashville, TN. Although I was introduced to cannabis in high school, it was at Fisk where I met students from all over the world, and learned about marijuana from a whole new perspective. Heck, I didn’t even know what a strain was! Lol the first strain I consumed while actually knowing the name was white widow. Then I had no idea it was an evenly balanced hybrid of both heavy indica and heavy sativa that aids greatly in stress and depression. No wonder I was looking for some white widow in the daytime with a flashlight…

Actual footage of me in 2005 looking for white widow

ANYWHOO, the Southern University Agricultural and Extension center will join forces with Louisiana State University to research and cultivate medical cannabis on both campuses. With LA being a medical state, this will make more green than just pot for Southern. Advanced Biometrics, a Louisiana-based medical-cannabis quality product company, is contracting the program. The research center will receive $6 million and the school itself gets $1 million for each renewed contract. Let’s go Southern!

I always need a reason to visit New Orleans, now Baton Rouge too? Who’s coming with me??

Enjoy your weekend blogees!

Hey, and if you’re in Chicago tomorrow, there’s a couple of great events you should attend, check below!


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