#TerpeneTuesday-Lavish Linalool

Happy #TerpeneTuesday blogees!

It’s a beautiful day in Chicago, and where there’s sun, there’s flowers! Let’s stop and smell one of their terpenes, linalool!

The same terpenes found in cannabis are found in many other plants. Nothing is different with linalool, which gives off a fresh, lavender scent but also has a spicy hint. This terpene is found in over 200 plants beside cannabis. Matter of fact, you probably have consumed a couple of grams within the past year alone, with or without cannabis!

It’s also found in bergamot, rosewood, coriander, peanut stem and leaves,  rose, and jasmine. In cannabis, linalool is found mostly in indica-dominant strains. Soaps, lotions, deoderants, and shampoos often get their floral scents from linalool extract.

Linalool is:

  • Anti-inflammatory 
  • Anti-spasmodic
  • Anti-septic 
  • Anti-fungal
  • Sedative 

Linalool has been shown to reduce pain and swelling. It’s antifungal properties are most present when applied topically, killing candida growth (causes yeast infractions and the oral infection thrush) and fungal cells. 

Linalool can also be consumed by diffused inhalation, which is a very popular method for people suffering from anxiety or insomnia. While it’s a calmimg terpene, linalool is also strong enough to kill anthrax spores. AND in the past couple of years, studies are finding it may have the properties to reverse Alzheimer’s disease! 

Terpenes, plant’s little superheroes, are the compounds found in scented oils that are secreted.  Ancient and modern medicine use herbs, plants, and essential oils for healing different diseases and symptoms. Terpenes gives each plant its healing and scent-identifying properties. Click HERE for more info on terpenes!

So, when seeking cannabis strains with linalool, just follow your nose! Popular strains heavy with this terpene include Grand Daddy Purp, Kosher Kush,and of course, Lavender, or most purple strains. How lovely!



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