#WCW-Iyana Edouard

High and Happy Women in Cannabis Wednesday blogees!

They say beauty is only skin deep, well this week’s #WCW is taking it below the surface, into cannabis!

Meet Iyana Edouard, creator of Kush & Cute hemp and CBD-infused skin care products! She is blowing the industry over with her unique product line, plus her advocacy! Being a medical cannabis patient herself, she noticed there was little to no presence of Black women in the industry.

After graduating from college, she moved to California and began working for an online head shop and wholesale shop. She performed digital media and social networking services while learning more about cannabis.


While making some homemade bath scrub, the idea light bulb lit up! She saw a void in both the skin care and cannabis industries for hemp products for sensitive skin. There she started creating hemp and CBD-infused body scrubs, oils, and bath bombs. And boom, in August 2016, Kush & Cute handmade body care was created. At only 23 years old, this woman is a cannabis industry powerhouse!

As all of the Clear As Smoke #WCW features, Iyana is huge on advocacy.  Her social media is a hub of cannabis history and information. Now why would someone in skin care need to post facts about pot? BECAUSE CANNABIS EDUCATION IS FOR EVERYONE!!

Make sure you check our her page, Kush And Cute , and follow her on Instagram @kushandcute!

Let’s inhale and exhale a huge THANK YOU to lady Iyana, and make sure to shop her products. They are legal for everyone and beneficial, to say the least!




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