#WCW-Laura Mz. Limitless Turner (Interview)

High and Happy Women in Cannabis Wednesday blogees!

My hope is that the highlighting of these remarkable women in the cannabis industry weekly will encourage and inspire others to think outside the box when it comes to careers. What a privilege that week after week, I’m discovering another #WCW that is tackling unique and necessary areas of the industry, like waste management. Blogees, meet Laura Mz. Limitless Turner, founder and owner of Cannabis Waste Management!

I was blown away by how much there is to know about cannabis waste policies and the need for recycling. The last thing that most people even think about when starting their business or organization is the trash! Recycling cannabis products and waste is a crucial initiative every cannabis business should consider.

Additionally, she’s a blogger, writer, actress, and marketer, whew! This lady is doing the most, and we are here for it!

Listen below to learn more about Laura’s journey, and some GREAT waste management tips for any future cannabusiness owners out there!


A wife of 25 years and mother of three adult children and two Siberian huskies, Laura has been soil deep in to organics since before 2005. When she moved to GA, calling around to find the local weed man was not an option, so she learned to grow her own.
Rapid weight gain due to pregnancy, caused her to have her gallbladder removed in 1997, negatively impacting her digestive system.The only way she could eat or prevent the cramping, pain, and nausea was with cannabis. This intensified her organic journey to better health.
Taking control of her food, she began growing as much on her own as possible, which soon turned into a mission to create her own organic compost. Problem was, she wanted to be able to grow year round. This meant finding a composting solution that wouldn’t take moths of turning and curing before it was usable. This led to her discovery of anaerobic fermentation and the birth of her mission to help CalRecycle divert 75% of all food and green waste away from landfills. This, she felt, was her way of doing something positive for the community and to give back to the environment.
Over the years, Laura has ran the retail department of a major vape company, Got Vape, while creating her own internationally known vape brand, F5 Cottons. She has always wanted to grow cannabis on a larger scale, but felt her organic skills and talents were needed elsewhere. This led to the creation of CWR SoCal, where their mission is to help further close the loop of sustainability, by using the by-products of composted cannabis waste to grow food for low and no income families.

Check out her business atย cannabiswasterecycling.com

Thanks so much Queen Limitless! Laura, you were an awesome interview and a great inspiration. Put one in the air for her blogees!

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