Ruderalis-The Cannabis Outlier

It’s almost Friedday blogees, smile!

So remember my post about hemp-derived CBD and cannabis-derived CBD? Good, because it’s time to talk more about hemp, which sometimes gets confused with ruderalis. When first learning about cannabis, I knew this was the “other” type of plant besides indica and sativa. But I’ll be honest, I could not have cared less about a cannabis plant that doesn’t get you high. I guess you could say I was rude to ruderalis.

Don’t knock me for my ignorance! This type of cannabis plant is low in THC, but not in importance!

Hemp is grown for industrial cultivation, and is used for hundreds of uses including shoes, insulation, and pet food. Ruderalis is used to create unique hybrids with current indica or sativa strains. It also helps cannabis plants with auto-flowering, meaning the blossoming of the beautiful buds we know as marijuana. That’s the general difference, but definitely not the only one.

This quick video will fill in any ruderalis info I’m sure I will miss lol.


Ruderalis comes from the term ruderal, referring to plant species that grow despite their human-influenced environment, or Mother Nature switching things up as far as weather or soil. Where other plants die, ruderal lives. In cannabis, this is king, because indica and sativa strains can’t survive on just any ol’ watering or light schedule. Matter of fact, ruderalis is rumored to be the descendant of an indica strain that didn’t die during harsh climates which creates short growing season for most crops.

Is ruderalis sometimes used to grow hemp? Absolutely! And that’s another difference between the two. Hemp cultivated for consumable products gets a potent CBD boost from ruderalis.

Ruderalis strains can be found for sale for consumption, but rarely. Cannabis strain breeders can count on the genes of ruderalis to help their strains flower when the light schedule, for instance, isn’t exactly on point. This baby is gonna bloom regardless honey! *z snap*



Let’s show more love to ruderalis. For cannabis, it’s the rose that grew from concrete! Stay educated blogees!

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