Congratulations Canada!

There are a lot of pages from Canada’s book that America could learn from. Earlier this week, another lesson emerged: LEGALIZE IT!

Tuesday, Canada’s Senate voted 52-29 to allow adult recreational use of cannabis! When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was campaigning in 2015, he ensured his administration would make legalization a top priority. As the legalization bill’s ink dried, Canadian officials announced that adult-use sales would start September 1 of this year. Just yesterday, however, the country’s Minister of Health announced that sales will begin October 17, 2018.

With Uruguay being the only other country to have legalized recreational cannabis use for adults, what was the hot-button reason for Canada? Trudeau expressed in a tweet the accessibility of cannabis to children and the profitability for criminals was the reason behind legalization. In other words, when you legalize, you can regulate!

“Now we can start to tackle some of the harms of cannabis. We can start to be proactive in public education. We’ll see the end of criminalization and we can start addressing Canada’s $7 billion illegal market,” Senator Tony Dean told CBC News. He was one of the sponsors of the bill, C-45, which was initially supposed to be passed by both houses of Parliament before the proposed date for retail sales of July 1. Postponement was due to further review of the bill.

Oh it was a battle. A true back and forth between the House of Commons and the Senate, who proposed 46 amendments to the bill; 13 of which were rejected by the Liberal government. And with individual provinces such as Quebec and Manitoba having federal support to enact their own laws even in lieu of legalization, the bill may end up seeing future amendment proposals. We shall see blogees!

At-home personal cultivation isn’t allowed in many places, just like the distribution of cannabis company swag (tees, mugs, buttons, keychains, etc) with their logos. Most of those who voted against the bill were Conservatives who see the bill as simply a cash cow, and not an effective method of regulation.

Know what I think?  Don’t knock it until you try it Canada.


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