#WCW-Dasheeda Dawson (Audio)

Hey Hey Hey Blogees!

Every week I look forward to introducing you to another outstanding feature for Women in Cannabis Wednesday, and today is no different! Let’s get to know Dasheeda Dawson, powerhouse CEO of MJM Strategy, co-founder of Cannabis Education Advocacy Symposium and Expo, Chief Strategy Officer for Minorities for Medical Marijuana (shout out to my crew!), and fellow blogger of the WeedHead blog and interim Executive Director of the New Jersey Cannabis Commission. Plus she’s a fly fashionista! Pardon my language but DAMN!

Listen below to an awesome interview!

Usually, I give a brief bio and career highlights, but I probably won’t have enough space on this post. With degrees from both Rutgers and Princeton Universities, and over 15 years of experience with a heavy emphasis on brand marketing strategy and digital strategy, she is definitely a leader in both the cannabis and business industries. She strongly believes in cannabis law reformation, and knows from firsthand experience how important it is for states to start recognizing the need for cannabusinesses to be more inclusive of people of color.¬† Legalizing the plant without legalizing the people is NOT progression!


I learned about Dasheeda waaaay back when I first started stalking people of color in cannabis, and am so privileged to finally welcome her to the Clear As Smoke #WCW family! Well deserved is an understatement!

Can we say FIERCE! Blogees, make sure you keep up with Dasheeda, all the links are listed below!

Raise your joints blogees, she deserves the honor!

Thank you, Queen Dasheeda, for being another pioneer in cannabis!



MJM Strategy

The WeedHead Blog

Minorities 4 Medical Marijuana





Today, I Got Called A Nigger In A Facebook Cannabis Group.

Nope, that’s not a typo. And I decided not to censor the word. Blogees, let’s talk about it.
As many of you may know, Facebook is a platform for many discussions and debates. The same goes for cannabis groups, and yes things do get heated. (Lol you would think shit would be calm but nah.) Names get tossed around but from what I have experienced, it is mostly pretty respectful. Until today.

A white guy commented that people who use Blunts and Backwoods are either tools or can’t afford wraps. Calling him an overly sensitive dickhead didn’t strike me as reason to respond with, “Hey, at least I’m not a nigger.” But a racist white peron feels that’s the go-to word, because even if you’re a jobless meth addict who stole from family (I got researched resources lol), still sees themself as superior simply due to race. 

Yes, he’s been reported and all the necessary steps were taken. Funny, I didn’t feel offended at the word. I was offended that he thought he even had a right to offend me, after offending an entire group of people simply because they use blunts or backwoods. Aaaaaand in some places, wraps are way cheaper than both. 

Now he isn’t a threat to me, but his mentality is. Yesterday the Chicago Sun-Times reported that from January 2017 to April 2018, only 94 people were arrested for petty cannabis possession in Chicago. Great? 

76 of those people were African American. 

That’s. Called. Racism.

And with that criminal disparity being present in so many industries, the appeal and progression of cannabis will not overcome the same disproportions. Meaning, loving weed isn’t going to make people love you.

THAT is why I advocate so much for people of color. Because I need to. When freedom of speech becomes freedom of hate, the opportunities presented to the majority remain very limited to the communities that are owed a grand place in cannabis.

I won’t soapbox you today. No preaching about getting out to vote or joining an activist group. I just wanted to make you aware. 

The reality is, he may end up employed at your local dispensary one day, possibly serving people of color.  So cannabis legalizes state to state, there is an even more important battle to be fought. 

EQUAL legalization, and EQUAL reformation. 

Peace and much, much love.

Btw, his name is Coleman Vetter of Nineveh, IN. In case you were wondering ūüôÉ

#WCW-Annamaria Enenajor

Hello and High my lovely blogees! I hope the weather is as lovely where you are as it is here in the Chi. I just had a few hits of Golden Goat, so let’s talk about another superstar in the cannabis industry while the sativa activates!

Meet Annamaria Enenajor, a partner with Ruby Shiller & Enenajor, Barristers in Toronto, Canada! Her firm’s focus is civil law, criminal defense, and constitutional law. What caught my attention were her opinions on the drastic changes to Toronto drug laws in this great¬†Viceland¬†¬†article about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s new marijuana bill.


No, she doesn’t believe in releasing people imprisoned before cannabis was legalized, but she does believe those released should receive amnesty.¬† Meaning, records wiped clean of cannabis offenses that are keeping them from life advancements, like getting a job!

In 2006, Enenajor graduated with a B.A. in international relations from the University of Toronto. The following year, she earned a M.S. in forced migration from Oxford University.  Earning both her civil and common law degrees in 2012, she also worked as a clerk at the Supreme Court of Canada.

Enjoy your lunch break and learn more about Enenajor’s proposed approach to the new bill, and why it will devastate communities of color and lower incomes if it’s not changed.


No matter what country, women of color are fighting the good fight in cannabis! As laws regarding marijuana change, underprivileged communities must be protected, not targeted!

Thank you for all you do queen Enenajor, this dab’s for you!

Peace and love blogees!




Happy #710…AKA Dab Day!

High Blogees!

There are many holidays in the cannabis world, as it should be; there’s so much to celebrate! Today, July 10, is known as National Oil Day or Dab Day. I like saying Dab Day so let’s stick with that. (710 flipped upside down spells OIL. Not spells, but you know).

Concentrates are the extracts of the cannabis plant, simply put. Why on earth would anyone want an extract when they can just consume the plant? Well, many reasons! For one, concentrates get all the good stuff like terpenes and cannabinoids without the leaves, seeds and stems. Another reason, concentrates are POTENT. I’m talking strong ya’ll!



Hash-When the trichomes are pressed together while heated, you get hash! There are many methods to getting the trichomes, including bubbling, blending, or just rubbing together!¬† Hash is a throwback concentrate, lol I made my first gram in college. I scraped the green kief from the bottom of my grinder and finger rolled it into a little ball. Boom, hash! But wait…what the heck is a kief?

Kief-If you own a grinder, you’ve probably already made kief before! Kief is the trichomes (that contain the terpenes and cannabinoids, mmm hmm!) that fall from the cannabis plant by method of sifting. When you grind your flower, the screen located in the lower chamber of the grinder sifts the fallen flower in the same way.

Hash Oil-Let’s discover two types, one being BHO (butane hash oil). Butane is used to extract the terpenes and the substance leftover is kind of crumbly, thus its nickname, crumble! CO2 oil is a terpene rich oil that is more fluid and made by carbon dioxide and pressure. Overall, hash oil can be extracted to result in a ton of different forms. Shatter, for instance, can be broken off piece by piece and consumed by dabbing!

Tinctures-I just love saying this word! Tinctures are the pioneers of cannabis extracts, and America’s first medicine! Hemp tinctures were not only legal, but these alcohol extractions of cannabis were sold in pharmacies and prescribed to patients. Feel free to refer by to my¬†Tincture Time!¬†post.

Rick Simpson Oil-AKA RSO.¬†Vaporize: The OTHER Way To Smoke¬†was the first blog where I introduced this dope dude. Rick Simpson was a skin cancer patient that used his own alcohol based cannabis extraction to cure himself. His oil, thick and black like molasses with rich terpenes and healing compounds, is now found in dispensaries everywhere and are top requested by those seeking extreme pain relief. Of course these are different versions of the oil, with higher or lower THC and CBD levels to appease to patients’ needs.

Are you taking notes? This is good stuff! Now, how do you CONSUME all of these good gooey concentrates? VAPOR!

Dabbing is heating a surface super fast until it’s super hot, then applying the concentrate to that surface and inhaling the vapor. There are vaporizing pens, bong-like devices called rigs, or whole machines.¬† Concentrates have nothing but the terpenes and cannabinoids, so the THC content ranges between 50%-90%, while non-concentrated flower may yield 15%-30% THC.

Check out these videos on HOW to consume concentrates, including how to DAB!

Today we celebrate these concentrates, and the most popular form of consumption is know as dabbing! Go on, do the dance. I’ll wait lol

dab panda


Well blogees, I hope you have a little more insight into the world of concentrates, and are ready to go out and enjoy 7/10! Remember, when using concentrates for the first time, start slow, and be careful! Now that you’re educated, go get elevated! Peace!










FREE Medical Cannabis Information Sessions At The Chicago Public Library!

We’re getting a great start on July Blogees!

Tomorrow is 7/10, AKA Dab Day, and I have a great post ready for you to learn more about it.

If you’re in Chicago, come meet me and enjoy a free informational on medical cannabis! Learn about the benefits of cannabis, what it is, different methods of consumption, and how to obtain your Illinois medical cannabis patient card!

Check below for all the dates and locations! First session is this evening, so tell a friend and bring a friend!

Stop Calling The Police On Innocent Black People. 

Greetings Blogees,

In lieu of recent events, I decided to skip last week’s #WCW entry to remind everyone, including myself, of why this blog and your participation means so much to me. You all are open-minded, and receiving to something with the heaviest of stigmas. In case you didn’t know, I’m a Black woman. First and foremost. So this past week’s events have left me quite disturbed.

Cannabis is evolving as a product, as an industry, and as a form of civil rights. Unfortunately, people don’t have to evolve as people unless they are forced. And without people, there is no cannabis industry. Yet, without racism, there is no America.

A couple weeks ago, a video went viral of a Caucasian woman calling the police on an 8-year-old African American girl selling water to her community in front of her own apartment complex.  Alison Ettel, FORMER CEO of TreatWell, told the mother that selling water without a permit was illegal, and proceeded to call (or as she is now claiming, pretending to call) the police. The girl’s mother recorded her as she ducked behind a porch to hide her identity, just to jump back up declaring her reason for calling the police. The little girl didn’t have a permit. Yup.

Funny thing was, Ettel didn’t have a permit either. Or should I say, license. TreatWell, her business at the time, was a cannabis infused pet food company that was not a licensed business. YUP. Amazingly, she made her way into numerous cannabis and pet lover publications for being a trendsetter in the market. Maybe, but her actions are nothing new.

The wonderful world of cannabis includes monsters like these. And like I’ve said before, having no issue with saying it again, I do not accept nor condone racism. This year alone, 10 cases have made the news for Black people having the police called on them for absolutely no reason. 

I know way too many people of color with the same experience. Myself, included.  Women in cannabis are leading the way in innovation, advocacy, and education. It is important to separate those profiting from both cannabis and prejudice. Let’s not turn a blind eye to the injustices both recieved and generated by people in and outside the cannabis industry. 

Cannabis heals, but racism kills.