Stop Calling The Police On Innocent Black People. 

Greetings Blogees,

In lieu of recent events, I decided to skip last week’s #WCW entry to remind everyone, including myself, of why this blog and your participation means so much to me. You all are open-minded, and receiving to something with the heaviest of stigmas. In case you didn’t know, I’m a Black woman. First and foremost. So this past week’s events have left me quite disturbed.

Cannabis is evolving as a product, as an industry, and as a form of civil rights. Unfortunately, people don’t have to evolve as people unless they are forced. And without people, there is no cannabis industry. Yet, without racism, there is no America.

A couple weeks ago, a video went viral of a Caucasian woman calling the police on an 8-year-old African American girl selling water to her community in front of her own apartment complex.  Alison Ettel, FORMER CEO of TreatWell, told the mother that selling water without a permit was illegal, and proceeded to call (or as she is now claiming, pretending to call) the police. The girl’s mother recorded her as she ducked behind a porch to hide her identity, just to jump back up declaring her reason for calling the police. The little girl didn’t have a permit. Yup.

Funny thing was, Ettel didn’t have a permit either. Or should I say, license. TreatWell, her business at the time, was a cannabis infused pet food company that was not a licensed business. YUP. Amazingly, she made her way into numerous cannabis and pet lover publications for being a trendsetter in the market. Maybe, but her actions are nothing new.

The wonderful world of cannabis includes monsters like these. And like I’ve said before, having no issue with saying it again, I do not accept nor condone racism. This year alone, 10 cases have made the news for Black people having the police called on them for absolutely no reason. 

I know way too many people of color with the same experience. Myself, included.  Women in cannabis are leading the way in innovation, advocacy, and education. It is important to separate those profiting from both cannabis and prejudice. Let’s not turn a blind eye to the injustices both recieved and generated by people in and outside the cannabis industry. 

Cannabis heals, but racism kills. 


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