Happy #710…AKA Dab Day!

High Blogees!

There are many holidays in the cannabis world, as it should be; there’s so much to celebrate! Today, July 10, is known as National Oil Day or Dab Day. I like saying Dab Day so let’s stick with that. (710 flipped upside down spells OIL. Not spells, but you know).

Concentrates are the extracts of the cannabis plant, simply put. Why on earth would anyone want an extract when they can just consume the plant? Well, many reasons! For one, concentrates get all the good stuff like terpenes and cannabinoids without the leaves, seeds and stems. Another reason, concentrates are POTENT. I’m talking strong ya’ll!



Hash-When the trichomes are pressed together while heated, you get hash! There are many methods to getting the trichomes, including bubbling, blending, or just rubbing together!  Hash is a throwback concentrate, lol I made my first gram in college. I scraped the green kief from the bottom of my grinder and finger rolled it into a little ball. Boom, hash! But wait…what the heck is a kief?

Kief-If you own a grinder, you’ve probably already made kief before! Kief is the trichomes (that contain the terpenes and cannabinoids, mmm hmm!) that fall from the cannabis plant by method of sifting. When you grind your flower, the screen located in the lower chamber of the grinder sifts the fallen flower in the same way.

Hash Oil-Let’s discover two types, one being BHO (butane hash oil). Butane is used to extract the terpenes and the substance leftover is kind of crumbly, thus its nickname, crumble! CO2 oil is a terpene rich oil that is more fluid and made by carbon dioxide and pressure. Overall, hash oil can be extracted to result in a ton of different forms. Shatter, for instance, can be broken off piece by piece and consumed by dabbing!

Tinctures-I just love saying this word! Tinctures are the pioneers of cannabis extracts, and America’s first medicine! Hemp tinctures were not only legal, but these alcohol extractions of cannabis were sold in pharmacies and prescribed to patients. Feel free to refer by to my Tincture Time! post.

Rick Simpson Oil-AKA RSO. Vaporize: The OTHER Way To Smoke was the first blog where I introduced this dope dude. Rick Simpson was a skin cancer patient that used his own alcohol based cannabis extraction to cure himself. His oil, thick and black like molasses with rich terpenes and healing compounds, is now found in dispensaries everywhere and are top requested by those seeking extreme pain relief. Of course these are different versions of the oil, with higher or lower THC and CBD levels to appease to patients’ needs.

Are you taking notes? This is good stuff! Now, how do you CONSUME all of these good gooey concentrates? VAPOR!

Dabbing is heating a surface super fast until it’s super hot, then applying the concentrate to that surface and inhaling the vapor. There are vaporizing pens, bong-like devices called rigs, or whole machines.  Concentrates have nothing but the terpenes and cannabinoids, so the THC content ranges between 50%-90%, while non-concentrated flower may yield 15%-30% THC.

Check out these videos on HOW to consume concentrates, including how to DAB!

Today we celebrate these concentrates, and the most popular form of consumption is know as dabbing! Go on, do the dance. I’ll wait lol

dab panda


Well blogees, I hope you have a little more insight into the world of concentrates, and are ready to go out and enjoy 7/10! Remember, when using concentrates for the first time, start slow, and be careful! Now that you’re educated, go get elevated! Peace!










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