#WCW-Dasheeda Dawson (Audio)

Hey Hey Hey Blogees!

Every week I look forward to introducing you to another outstanding feature for Women in Cannabis Wednesday, and today is no different! Let’s get to know Dasheeda Dawson, powerhouse CEO of MJM Strategy, co-founder of Cannabis Education Advocacy Symposium and Expo, Chief Strategy Officer for Minorities for Medical Marijuana (shout out to my crew!), and fellow blogger of the WeedHead blog and interim Executive Director of the New Jersey Cannabis Commission. Plus she’s a fly fashionista! Pardon my language but DAMN!

Listen below to an awesome interview!

Usually, I give a brief bio and career highlights, but I probably won’t have enough space on this post. With degrees from both Rutgers and Princeton Universities, and over 15 years of experience with a heavy emphasis on brand marketing strategy and digital strategy, she is definitely a leader in both the cannabis and business industries. She strongly believes in cannabis law reformation, and knows from firsthand experience how important it is for states to start recognizing the need for cannabusinesses to be more inclusive of people of color.  Legalizing the plant without legalizing the people is NOT progression!


I learned about Dasheeda waaaay back when I first started stalking people of color in cannabis, and am so privileged to finally welcome her to the Clear As Smoke #WCW family! Well deserved is an understatement!

Can we say FIERCE! Blogees, make sure you keep up with Dasheeda, all the links are listed below!

Raise your joints blogees, she deserves the honor!

Thank you, Queen Dasheeda, for being another pioneer in cannabis!



MJM Strategy

The WeedHead Blog

Minorities 4 Medical Marijuana





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