#WCW-Yolanda Goff (Audio)

Hello and high my lovely blogees!

It’s Clear As Smoke’s birthday week, the beginning of August, and of course, Women in Cannabis Wednesday! Time is not for wasting today, so let’s get to it!

Meet Yolanda Goff, Founder and CEO of Vitality Consultant, Chief Creative Officer at Healthy Church People Wellness and Business Development Executive at HCPN Alliance. In addition to being an entrepreneur, she’s a wellness educator, motivator, and business consultant. What I found so unique about Yolanda is her approach to cannabis in the religious community. Additionally, she is an advocate for more people of color to be have equity and decriminalization in medical cannabis.


I found her insight on minorities in cannabis so inspiring and on point! With a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and Marketing, with a certification in holistic health she has developed an intricate approach to combining health, business, and advocacy in everything she does.

Spend your lunch break with Yolanda and I, click below!

Two dabs for Lady Yolanda! Another outstanding #WCW with a mission to help and heal. Thank you!!




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