#WCW-Tiffany Bowden (Audio)



Happy Women in Cannabis Wednesday blogees!

Today’s feature is Tiffany Bowden, Vice President of education for the National Diversity & Inclusion Cannabis Alliance (NDICA). She also is the founding President and co founder of the Minority Cannabis Business Association and the former co-owner of Comfy Tree Enterprises. Her expertise is drenched in business consultation, motivational speaking, life and businesses coaching, writing, and cannabis education!


So this should be a lively interview, right? Not exactly. Tiffany’s road was paved with abuse, misogyny, and disloyalty. Although unfortunate, it isn’t uncommon, even in the cannabis industry. Blogees, I charge you with changing your perspective and letting this sista have a voice.

Hard pill to swallow huh? Knowing that an industry you love, an industry that heals, still has room for the same mistreatment of Black women as any other. It takes women like Tiffany to speak out, so more women and men who have her same experiences know they aren’t excluded. You are not forgotten!

“Inner peace is the new success” is the quote donning her Facebook page background. My strongest hope is she continues to find success through inner peace, and vice versa.

Queen Tiffany, we thank you for your courage and strength to speak out against your aggressors and abusers. Clear As Smoke stands with you.

Don’t forget to check out the NDICA website! And to learn more about Tiffany, click this link to check out her website too!

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