#WCW-Kiah Tolliver (Audio)

Hey hey blogees, and welcome to Women in Cannabis Wednesday!

Working in a dispensary is very similar to working in a retail store. You have merchandise, inventory, customers, and you make sales. Without a good POS (point of sale) system, your whole business (whether cannabis or not) can quickly lose organization, track of expenses and revenue, and loss of inventory. This week’s #WCW is the co-founder of the FIRST Black owned merchant service, Canna Trax! She’s also a fellow chapter president of Minorities for Medical Marijuana in North Carolina! Woot woot!


This proud U.S. Navy veteran has an extensive background in computer software and technology development. Just last year she left her position as a .NET developer for Cardinal Innovations Healthcare to join her husband as co-founders of Canna Trax. Did I already mention it’s the FIRST Black owned merchant service platform? Just in case I didn’t, she is the co-founder of Canna Trax, the FIRST Black owned merchant service platform lol!

Listen below to a refreshing chat with Kiah Tolliver!


You heard her blogees, it’s NEVER too late to hop into the tech side of the industry, and as you probably assumed I am rooting for each and every one of you to follow your passions in the cannabis industry!

Joints up for Queen Kiah! Thank you for sharing your experience and creating another path in cannabis for people of color!

Catch ya soon blogees!


Check out Canna Trax at http://www.c-trax.com/ !

And make sure to check out Minorities for Medical Marijuana at https://minorities4medicalmarijuana.org/ !

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