Issa New Look!

Pardon our dust!!

So, whatcha think blogees?

Clear As Smoke is growing! New blog posts, new invites, and of course, new Women in Cannabis Wednesday features! Still adding finishing touches but ya’ll know me, simple and sweet. I’m almost done lol.

To my day one followers and my just now followers, I can’t thank you enough. But I’ll try!

Thank you.

And to my international followers, from Russia to Nigeria, to Sydney to Jamaica, from Norway to Chile, you all have love coming to you straight from Chicago.

Keep the ideas coming, and send those questions! I will be anonymously posting your questions and answering them weekly.

Cannabis is for us. Period.

Click the Contact tab to send me a message. Meantime in between time here’s where you can find me:

Instagram: @CannaLady1986

Twitter: @DaUrleeByrd

Minorities For Medical Marijuana:

M4MMIL Facebook Group Page:

Chicago NORML:


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