#WCW-Kebra Smith-Bolden

High and Hello my lovely blogees!

This week’s outstanding Women in Cannabis Wednesday feature is Kebra Smith-Bolden, lovingly known as the “Cannabis Guru” in her home state of Connecticut. A fitting title indeed, this cannabis entrepreneur has blazed many trails in cannabis and advocacy. She’s the Market Leader for Women Grow, Director of the New England region of Minorities for Medical Marijuana, and Founder and President of CannaHealth Medical Marijuana Certification and CEO of Cannabis Consultants of Connecticut. And she stars on “The Show” with Michelle Turner! Click here to check her out!

Click below for her insight on the industry and her journey:


She just celebrated her birthday this past weekend so let’s make sure she gets a warm, belated welcome from Clear As Smoke, check out our convo below!

Pardon the technical difficulties, and Queen Kebra, my apologies! Fortunately we got the bulk of the interview and she later let me know she enjoyed being this week’s feature!

This next buzz is dedicated to you Kebra-Smith-Bolden!





Facebook: Kebra Smith-Bolden

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