#WCW-Asabi Hayes, AKA “Queen Suga”

Happy Halloween blogees!

Look, if you don’t celebrate that your biscuits. But this happens to be my favorite holiday right after tax return day. So live up, and meet this week’s CAS Women in Cannabis Wednesday feature, Asabi Hayes! She’s the owner of Mari-Jane Edibles in Chicago and is already brewing up a new venture, Wally’s Weed World!

Mari-Jane Edibles is an herbal food and entertainment company based out of Southern California. Asabi Hayes (aka Queen Suga) is the founder/owner/culinary artist for Mari-Jane Edibles. Mari Jane Edibles not only  provides baked goods, but pairs wine with cannabis foods in a formal dining setting. She and her partner have added a new business venture, Wally’s Weed World, which will focus more on the dispensary side of the industry. They expect to have brick and mortar stores for both companies and be tulle compliant with Proposition 64 by Summer 2019. In the meantime, Mari-Jane Edibles will continue to provide you with sweet treats and provide canna-dining experiences for you!

So lock the doors, light some candles, and make sure the monsters in the closet are able to hear this delightful interview with Queen Suga! Click below!


No tricks, just treats with this delightful #WCW! Thank you, Queen Suga, for ending this month at CAS with a bang! Wouldn’t it be frightful if you couldn’t get in touch with her? Check her links below, and have a safe, hauntingly fun Halloween!

IG @ediblesbymarijane

IG @wallysweedworld
DM or email for password

7 Replies to “#WCW-Asabi Hayes, AKA “Queen Suga””

  1. Excellent interview! Asabi is my [li’l] cousin. I’ve followed her closely on FB and I’m impressed–and yes, proud–at what she’s doing! Keep up the great work.

    Liked by 1 person

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