Michigan Legalizes Recreational Cannabis! So What Does That Mean For Us?

Blogees! How is that post election rush feeling? Hopefully your state is going to be represented in favor of your needs as a citizen. No, not all of our desired candidates won, but look at the progress!

Last night, the voters spoke, and America listened! Michigan was granted Proposition 1, for recreational adult use of cannabis. Additionally, Missouri and Utah was granted legal medical use of cannabis. 1 in 4 Americans now live in a state where adult cannabis use is legal! Our southern and northern neighbors have reason to celebrate also. Canada legalized last month, while Mexico abolished cannabis prohibition last week!

So, let’s backtrack to our newest recreational state. Although adult cannabis use is legal, that doesn’t mean you should head to The Great Lakes States for cannabis curiosity just yet…

  • Cannabis isn’t really legal until 10 days after the election results have been finalized
  • Recreational cannabis won’t be available for sale until near 2020
  • Adults aged 21+ may possess up to 2.5 ounces on their person and 10 ounces at home
  • Up to 12 cannabis plants can be grown at home, in a place unnoticeable by the public
  • Medical cannabis dealers will have first dibs on recreational sale licenses

Hopefully, more provisions will be clarified once the election results are finalized. But hey, have we not come super far in a short amount of time?

Sure, we really shouldn’t have to vote to make a healing plant legal. But since that’s the way things are in 2018, it’s so crucial that we all have political participation in every election, every time!




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