Michelle Obama Talks Cannabis Use, Texas State Rep Sponsors Cannabis Bill, and

In an ABC News interview, Robin Roberts asked First Lady Michelle Obama why she decided to reveal, briefly, previous cannabis use in her memoir, “Becoming Michelle Obama.” Her response, “Everybody had something that they had to work through, something that they were figuring out. Why would I hide that from the next generation?”

The book, released today, sold the most pre-orders at Barnes and Noble and was at the top of Amazon’s best seller list before it was released. Make sure you pick that up blogees!

Next in the news, looks like cannabis is bringing Democrats and Republicans together, at least as far as legislation goes lol. In June the Texas Republican Party endorsed decriminalization and Monday, a bill to decriminalize cannabis was proposed for the pre-filing period for 2019. Representative Joe Moody sponsored the bill, and expressed the extreme bipartisan support for fairer marijuana laws in Texas.

The platform endorsed by the TRP supports changing the law from criminal to civil, making it leagl for adults to possess one ounce or less for personal use, $100 fines with no jail time. Our fingers are crossed for the lone star state!


Lastly, Illinois is still the talk of the midwest cannabis news with the new governor, J.B. Pritzker seeming like he’s ready to legalize tomorrow lol. Remember, full legalization isn’t completely up to the governor, but hopefully this analysis from the IL Economic Policy Institute and the Project for middle Class Renewal at the University of Illinois will persuade them in the green direction.

The analysis states full legalization would create 24,000 jogs, $500 million in tax revenue and boost the state economy by $1 billion by 2020, and that doesn’t include the annual decrease of law enforcement costs by $18 million. Per. Year.

I found charts! I love charts…

chart2 - Copy

chart1 - Copy

Tomorrow Clear As Smoke heads to Las Vegas for the Marijuana Business Convention. No worries, I’ll be documenting and of course, delivering a hot fresh #WCW post for you to enjoy!

Enjoy your day blogees!






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