#WCW-Scheril Murray Powell, Esq

Hello and High my lovely loyal blogees!

This week is very special, trust and believe!  I’ve had the privilege of not only being able to document phenomenal women of color in cannabis, but many of them I now know and am learning from. Today’s Women in Cannabis Wednesday feature is a woman who has inspired me for a long time. Since she is the General Counsel for Minorities for Medical Marijuana, I have had access to her wisdom through my participation in the organization. AAAANNND, she was recently awarded the Cannabis Business Awards Industry MVP of 2018! Today, she’s droppin some knowledge for the CAS family!

Press play and tackle the mid day blahs with Scheril’s amazing journey to becoming the cannabis trailblazer she is today!

Check The Resume!

  • President-Green Sustainable Strong
  • Managing Partner-Scheril Murray Powell, P.A.
  • General Counsel-Patience for Patients
  • President-Canna Headhunters
  • Board Member-University of Florida Hemp Pilot Program Advisory Board
  • Member-Florida Bar
  • Resident Law Expert-Cannabis Life Radio
  • Appointed to the incoming Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Nikki Fried’s Transition Team
  • …just Google her, this isn’t even HALF of the list of her titles and accomplishments!

I mean, what more can I say? She’s a force not only in cannabis, but in the legal field as well.  Hailing from one of the toughest medical cannabis states, Florida, she fights for the rights of farmers, connects people to jobs, and uses the existing law to help cannabis business owners exercise their rights.

Scheril, it was a pleasure meeting you and CAS thanks you for being a tireless force in the cannabis industry for people who do not have a voice! This dab is for you Queen!

Have an inspired day blogees, peace and bud!




www.scheril.com (To schedule an appointment!)


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