Women of Color Push For Allowing Public Housing Residents to Use Cannabis

Yes, aside from Michael Cohen getting a 3 year prison sentence for his role in a cover up scandal of two women previously involved with Trump, I’ve got more good news. That’s right blogees. Great strides are being made in the uphill battle to federally legalize cannabis.

Lynn Patton is a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development regional official for the New York and New Jersey and she put in the work to help a resident in NY get back into their apartment earlier this month. Why was her help needed, you ask? Well the resident was evicted for using medical cannabis in his home and Lynn fought to get him placed in permanent housing.

Lynn Patton

Eleanor Holmes Norton introduced a bill in June that allows cannabis use for public housing residents in states with a recreational or medical cannabis program. Matter of fact, it would be treated the same as cigarette smoking, and residents cannot be evicted.


This is a very big deal, as no legislation has been passed since 1998 when President Bill Clinton signed a law that rejects tenants who use illicit substances. Meaning, since cannabis is still regulated as a Schedule 1 substance, the law is still gives landlords the right to evict tenants who use cannabis, whether medically or not, and whether in a legal state or not.

With Patton’s announcement and Norton’s support on the Congressional level, we have all fingers crossed that this bill will pass on a federal level, and federally subsidized residents won’t be affected. Until then, as cannabis legalizes state to state, residents are still at risk of being removed from their homes if they receive federal housing assistance.

Only in America can you be evicted from federal housing for complying with a state medical law.



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