Trump Officially Signs Hemp Bill

Greetings Blogees!

As you may have heard, last week Congress approved federally legalizing hemp. Yesterday, the President signed the farm bill, removing hemp from the Controlled Substances Act.

Hemp contains no THC, therefore it is the non-psychoactive type of cannabis. It is high in CBD, which is sold legally in most states. Now, hemp can be commercially cultivated and researched!

How was CBD legal, but hemp not? Hemp itself was still considered a Schedule 1 drug, meaning its addiction potential is very high. But since its most abundant cannabinoid, CBD, has no intoxicating effects and there’s no THC (0.3% or less), it was able to legally be sold in many forms, including edibles and vape oil.

CBD is effective in relieving numerous symptoms, including pain and seizures. Hemp is industrially used for fabric, fuel, even plastics alternative.

40 states already have hemp industrial and commercial pilot program. Additionally, struggling rural farmers will have more opportunities to save their farms with this highly demanded plant.

Long story short, hemp will be regulated as agriculture, not as a controlled substance! The bill goes in effect in January 2019. Congratulations to the hemp activists and industry!

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