Illinois! Tell Your Lawmakers To Legalize!

Blogees, don’t ask why I’m up this late but I am. So let’s get to it.

Wrapping up the end of the year announcements, events, and of course this week’s #WCW, I almost forgot to remind  you to send a letter to your representative to support Rep Kelly Cassidy in her legalization efforts. Next year she will introduce legislation to expand the Illinois medical cannabis program and legalize adult recreational cannabis use!

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The CDC reports that 750,000 state residents use cannabis and Cassidy states there are 42,000 with an Illinois medical cannabis card. From a public safety concern, legalizing cannabis will greatly decrease the presence of street gangs and cartel violence. Whether that’s true or not, legalizing cannabis would have positive outcomes.


If there is no equity there is no change. It is crucial for our lawmakers and representatives to include initiatives that guarantee Black people space and funding in the state’s cannabis industry.  Individuals arrested or serving time for cannabis offenses should be released into training-to-work programs. Record expungment and paroled should be adjusted to reflect erased cannabis convictions. Black people are still 3.7% more likely to get arrested for cannabis crimes than white people.

Just keep that in mind, and urge your district’s state rep to include cannabis legalization and decriminalization in their political agenda. Click below to find your lawmaker on NORML’s website; enter your address and review the pre-populated legalization request. Click send, and that’s it!

Thank you NORML!

Blogees, have a happy, safe, and elevated holiday season. Check back Wednesday for Clear As Smoke’s final #WCW of 2018!


4 Replies to “Illinois! Tell Your Lawmakers To Legalize!”

  1. I think the State of Illinois is going broke, They wanted to start a tax on everything on its path that makes people leave Illinois… Wanna make good money? Then legalize marijuana to make $$$ millions $$$ to fix the problem you have failed to do so. Go make people happy now Illinois or people will continue to move out of state.

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