Happy Kwanzaa!

Hey there blogees,

Hope you all are enjoying this season of family, friends, and good times! I’ve been pretty elevated myself, watching entries flow in for the Clear As Smoke and Mari-Jane Edibles contest, this year’s final #WCW (check back later today), and making sure everyone is well educated in cannabis!

But I wanted to share a holiday I celebrate and is very dear to my heart. Kwanzaa! It’s a celebration of my African American culture. For seven days, one of the Nguzo Saba, or 7 principles, is observed and practiced in an effort to practice all of them daily. Even in cannabis!

Today’s principle is Umoja, which means unity!

In the fight for legalization and law reformation, having a united goal and having unity in our efforts results in new policies! People are coming together and demanding access to the plant! We still have a long way to go, but look at how far unity has brought us!

I say “Habari Gani!”

You say “Umoja!”

Enjoy today blogees, and check back at noon to meet Mary Pryor, this week’s CAS Women in Cannabis Wednesday feature!

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