Ujima-Collective Work and Responsibility

Habari gani blogees! (You say ooo-jee-muh gani)

Happy Kwanzaa and a sneeze away from happy new year. Today’s principle celebrates group effort, team participation, also known as collective work and responsibility. There’s ujima all up and through cannabis! A group of NORML lobbyists campaigning for adult use legalization. A community pooling their funds to become co-owners of the next neighborhood dispensary. THC and CBD creating the “Entourage Effect,” boosting and balancing the cannabnoid powers of each!

But what about responsibility?

We all must take responsibility for our actions in this industry. You want legalization? Then you want to help get petitions signed, meet with political leaders, and encourage the public. Law enforcement must be responsible for learning ever-changing cannabis law in order for residents and patients to truly feel protected. And everyone must be responsible for learning about this plant.

It’s politics. It’s science. It’s medicine. It’s healing!

Practice ujima in your circle and everyday life. Let’s combine our efforts in cannabis!

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