Ujamaa-Cooperative Economics

Habari gani blogees! (You say ooo-jah-mah gani)

Ujamaa is the fourth Kwanzaa principle that is celebrated this week. It means cooperative economics and in cannabis, that means supporting local and community based businesses.

Minority owned hemp farms, your local dispensary that supports veterans, or organizations that help incubate businesses owned by people with cannabis convictions are great examples of cooperative economics at work.

Major cannabis corporations and companies have an automatic advantage over smaller businesses because of funding abilities alone. But spending our dollars with businesses that cater to our communities keeps the money circulating in our communities.

In marginalized demographics, the survival of businesses from local revenue results in the community having immediate opportunities. With such low percentages of non-white populations succeeding in cannabis, our support of their businesses is crucial to them having a larger space in the industry!

Practice ujamaa and organizations with missions to do the same! May I suggest Minorities for Medical Marijuana? šŸ˜‰

Enjoy your Saturday blogees!

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