Greetings Blogees! Another beautiful day of Kwanzaa celebration, and today’s principle is Nia!

Habari gani! You say nee-yuh!

It means purpose. How easily we tend to forget our purpose, even in cannabis! With every minority business or organization, the purpose of increasing inclusion and equity is fulfilled. With every former conviction or misdemeanor erased, the purpose of serving real justice to the victims of the war on drugs is fulfilled.

Making money in the industry is just as much a right as being protected from arrests and jail sentences. Find your purpose and join others with the same!

Enjoy your Saturday!

2 Replies to “Nia-Purpose”

  1. I’ll definitely be following more closely your blogs. You have such a mentality similar to my own & im trying to find ways to incorporate cannibus into my community which are all minorities. So many don’t understand the health benefits as well as the revenue it can produce. Thank you for being such a great activist in all of this.

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