Happy New Year and Habari Gani Blogees! (You say eee-mah-nee)

We made it! And with imani, or faith, we shall go even firther! The last Kwanzaa principle teaches us to have confidence in our work and our efforts. To know we put our best and most into the fight for legalization and reformation.

We have imani that our intelligence and experience will grant us new avenues and opportunities! Cannabis has the ability to heal millions, and our faith in exploring those abilities are strong!

We are ready, we have strong imani!

Go into the year with love, inspiration, and faith! Because once you’ve done all the work, you have to have an expectation that it will work.

My deceased pastor, Johnnie Coleman, always said, “It works if you work it!”

So work it blogees! Work 2019 all the way out! And keep the faith!

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