Greetings blogees!
You already know what time it is. Let’s get right into the first Clear As Smoke’s Women in Cannabis Wednesday feature for 2019. I live for this!
This week we will be keekeeying it up with the beautiful, driven, and beautifully driven Tangayika, CEO of Jayn Green and my new dental care product provider lol. I met her online, and was so amazed by her spirit and knowledge. Get that lunch warmed up, it’s time to meet another queen in cannabis!
Tanganyika is and advocate and mentor in the cannabis industry that educates entrepreneurs on how to navigate the international cannabis industry to increase medical and financial freedom. Tanganyika is the CEO of cannabis brand Jayn Green, and the Director of Outreach and Development for Coral Cove Cannabis the world’s first all inclusive, cannabis friendly, seaside resort located in Jamaica. Her most important title, however, is United States Marine Corps veteran, and she uses her influential platform to advocate around the world for veterans, and those disproportionately affected by the War on Drugs. She is the co-founder of an organization called Marine Qweenz whose mission is to educate, inspire, and empower those suffering from the residuals of serving. Go to Jayn.Green for more information on how to contact, retain services, or utilize veteran support.


Just dope. Make sure you catch Tanganyika everywhere she will be by following her page and social media. Miss Tangy, Clear As Smoke honors you and appreciates you!

Blogees, stay tuned for the next #ClearAsSmoke Women in Cannabis Wednesday feature, and have an elevated day!

Email: tangy@jayn.green   Social: @_jayngreen  Website: jayn.green

THIS Sunday, catch her webinar regarding the farm bill, CBD, isolates, and more. Only $5! Drop a nick sack to get this education! Visit cbdshouldbefree.com


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