Cannabis Help For The Furloughed

Blogees, this government shut down effects cannabis too. Emotionally!

So, posted on Facebook that they will donate cannabis to federal workers affected by the shut down and cannot afford medical cannabis while furloughed. The San Francisco cannabis social media platform hopes their donation will encourage other cannabis companies to do the same.


BudTrader will be the first social media company to donate cannabis, as many other companies in and out of cannabis have donated items living necessities and money. They are looking to pair with other dispensaries around the country to extend the charity to other states.

I think this is dope. I also think it’s time we see the need for cannabis as a true need. It’s medicine. As lighthearted and maybe even comical as some may find this type of donation, more companies and foundations will being to understand that people use this plant for survival. Access to medicine should be extended to displaced citizens, homeless, veterans, seniors, and marginalized demographics such as people of color and LGBTQ.

Fortunately, many organizations nationwide work hard to assist medical cannabis patients in affording products. Many non-profits work with their states and dispensaries to issue cannabis or discounts to people who qualify.

…isn’t it ironic though? Furloughed government workers are in need of cannabis in a nation where cannabis is still federally illegal. The levels to this issue are of rabbit hole proportions.  I think cannabis should be accessible to anyone who needs it, regardless of current circumstance. Companies like are one of the many examples of cannabis being a plant of the people. Charities and nonprofits will always be a main source of assistance when the government falls short. It’s always due time for for-profit companies to support them, and the people.



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