#WCW-Watch Us Grow Events

Hello and High my lovely loyal blogees! It is Wednesday and you know that means, another elevated Women in Cannabis Wednesday feature! This week you are getting two for the price of one as we get to know Chantel Daniels and Topel Wright of Watch Us Grow Events! These two ladies have taken over the Chicagoland cannabis event scene and are already expanding! Their vision statement is “Enhancing culture through creativity” and trust, it shows!

Image result for Watch us grow events

Share your lunch break with these two fire entrepreneurs, and pardon the technical difficulties. This was recorded during our wonder -17 degree blizzard and connections were awful!

From Watch Us Grow:

Watch Us Grow Events is a networking and events curator committed to enhancing the intersection of culture, community and cannabis. Managed by two queer women of color, we bring a unique and invaluable approach to a market that lacks diversity.

Their energy is amazing, and I can’t wait to see what Watch Us Grow has in store for 2019. I mean, they have already kicked off the year with some great parties and information sessions. So you all try to keep up, I sure will!

I’m puffing two joints in honor of these beautiful women who are curating lasting experiences for the cannabis world. Make sure to check those links at the bottom, and if you’re in town, check out one of their many events!

Now that’s dope.

Take care blogees!



IG: @watchusgrowevents

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