A Word…

Good morning blogees!

Y’all off work today? Yeah me either lol but there’s much to get done this week! Before we get to that, however, ust address a topic I usually leave alone unless prompted. This weekend I was mad prompted yo. So to make sure everyone understands my position on POC allying with non-POC in cannabis, I wrote stuff. Here it is:

The POC cannabis community got half messy this weekend. Fortunately, misdirected drama led to some awesome new connections for me, my chapter, and many of my associates.
I am all for aligning with non-POC who can position my people to succeed, as long as they understand we have a goal to surpass them. Period.
I am not apologetic to any race for putting my own first. And anyone who cares to apologize on my behalf dunno me like that on god.
Chicago NORML will be heading to Springfield this Wednesday to lobby, and I think you should be on that bus. The M4MM Illinois Chapter meeting will be next Tuesday evening, and I think you should be present. Clear As Smoke will be dropping another #WCW feature this week, and I think you should follow the blog.
THAT is my opinion on everything and my answer to anything.

Peace and bud!


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