#WCW-Nicole Dillard

Hello and High my lovely loyal blogees! Spring isn’t the only thing you’ve been waiting on, and I’ve got your Clear As Smoke’s Women in Cannabis feature right here, right now!

Meet Nicole Dillard, founder and creator of Sativah Sistahs and an advocate for the POC cannabis community! Through her website, interviews, and dope gear, she is giving women of color the platform to expose themselves in this industry. Click below to listen to her moving experience in cannabis, including the inspiration for Sativah Sistahs and Tory, the afro sista logo!

Nicole Dillard is the founder, CEO and lead designer of Sativah Sistahs. She became inspired to create Sativah Sistahs when she looked at the growing legal cannabis landscape and noticed the lack of visibility of Black women. She sought to try to change that by re-positioning Black women at the forefront of the cannabis space. She used her background in television and radio as well as her talent for drawing and creating to bring her vision to life: a cannabis-themed apparel line featuring animated Black female imagery that Nicole designs and an interview series called Sativah Sistahs Sessions, where she talks with Black women already making moves in the cannabis industry.

It is the Sativah Sistahs mission to help bring Black women in from the fringes and center them in the cannabis and hemp movement, so Black women feature prominently in their merchandise, their interview clips and every aspect of their business.

Nicole, I thank you for using CAS as your platform. We support you, and as you carry on the spirit of Tory we appreciate you helping our community do the same.

Please check out all the dope merchandise and interviews by hitting up www.sativahsistahs.com and follow her on Instagram @sativahsistahs.

Peace and bud blogees!

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