#WCW-Alaina Dorsey

Hello and high my lovely loyal blogees!

Ya know, being in cannabis media can get lonely sometimes. I would look at all these publications and wonder, where are the writers who look like me?

Well, I wouldn’t say me and this week’s #WCW look alike lol but she is definitely a fellow Black woman cannabis writer, and one I am a huge fan of. Alaina “CannaLaina” Dorsey is a freelance cannabis marketing writer based in Baltimore, MD. Additionally she has contributed to Leafly and owns Creative Ether. BOSS. She’s quirky, dope, and we both like cereal for dinner out of preference and survival lol.

Take some notes while you take a listen. She shoots some great tips for us canna-writers!


Raise your glass of RSO milk to Conquerer CannaLaina! Thank you for being a cannabis media trailblazer! And just cool AF overall.

Make sure you bookmark http://alainadorsey.com and support Black cannabis media!

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