Congratulations to the New Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot!


History was made today in my city! Lori Lightfoot was elected Mayor of Chicago today, making her the first woman mayor, first Black woman mayor, and first Black lesbian woman mayor of the city.


Had to break it down so you all understand how major this is. Now, she may have not been everyone’s first choice, me included. But now that she is mayor, it’s time to focus on what she CAN do, and how of the Chicago Cannabis community can communicate to her our needs effectively. Because now, that is her job. And I am excited to hold her to it.

Ok, so why should you care?

Read the following excerpt from her campaign website:

The war on drugs has disproportionately targeted people of color, tearing apart Chicago families and burdening taxpayers with costs of prosecuting these low-level offenses. As mayor, Lori will:

  • Support legalization and taxation of cannabis
  • Learn from the best practices of states that have legalized cannabis to make sure it is safe and well-regulated
  • Make sure that people of color can get licenses to sell cannabis and open up dispensaries in their communities
  • Put safeguards in place to keep cannabis away from children

It’s our time to let the mayor hear our voice! To send your comments, questions, and opinions to Mayor Lightfoot, email or visit



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