#WCW-Intro To Investing In Cannabis With Cimone Casson

Hello and High my lovely loyal blogees! It’s’ a randomly but expected cold day here in the Windy City but today’s #WCW is blazing hot!

I had the pleasure of interviewing the hilarious and ridiculously educated Cimone Casson of Cashing Out On Cannabis. She’s a financial and investment expert, entrepreneur, and Michigan chapter President of Minorities for Medical Marijuana. To hear the interview, click here!

Recently the M4MM Illinois chapter was privileged to host Cimone for an online engagement and introduction to investing in cannabis stocks. So I thought, hmm…how dope would  it be to switch it up for the one time on Women in Cannabis Wednesday? Very dope indeed. No interview today, just education. So get your notebook ready and enjoy An Introduction To Investing In Cannabis With Cimone Casson!


She’s amazing, and so are you! Prepare yourself for wealth in the cannabis industry by having a solid platform of knowledge!

For Cimone’s 6 course investment course use this link https://cashing-out-on-cannabis.teachable.com/

Use code M4MM to get 25% off!

Cimone, you are a fierce force and Clear As Smoke blog thanks you for opening the doors to building wealth and financial confidence. Let’s get this work blogees!


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