Kim Foxx To Wipe Out Cannabis Convictions

Woot woot! Black women are at it again! Hey blogees, I am so excited about this news I’m about to share so don’t mind me. Kim Foxx, the Cook County State’s Attorney, has been talking big about expunging minor cannabis convictions since the beginning of the year.

With 4/20 being this weekend, the cannabis holiday is not a holiday for everyone, especially in Illinois. With people of color more than twice as likely to get arrested for petty cannabis crimes than whites, it’s necessary to keep the conversation open about expungement in a state on the verge of recreational legalization.

Foxx’s plan is to erase all minor cannabis convictions, but her plan is met with expected backlash.  Law enforcement members seem to be leaning towards the “ok whatever” side of the fence. Kevin Graham, President of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 7, stated, “Even if the law changes, that does not change the fact that these people knew they were breaking the law, were arrested and convicted once again disregarding the hard work of police officers, who may have been injured while apprehending these offenders.”

This is a problem. The first step to effective expungement is cannabis crime enforcement regulation and education to police officers. One traffic stop can result in loss of job, or potential to get a job, and being denied housing by landlords that do not allow cannabis. 30 minutes.

Foxx’s announcement actually happened a few weeks after the new governor, J.B. Pritzker, was sworn into office. Over the next few months, questions have arisen that will hopefully further mold the expungement plan to help affected communities, such as:

  • Will my job eliminate drug testing?
  • Will my landlord allow me to consume, not just possess, cannabis?
  • Will law enforcement lighten up on arrests?
  • Will having a medical cannabis license help me avoid getting arrested?
  • What programs will be implemented to help former inmates get socially reinstated?

It’s time we get answers! Make sure to catch Kim Foxx at the Chicago Cannabis Health Fair. She’s the keynote speaker and I am excited to also be a part of the panel regarding medical cannabis.  Let’s get the conversation going Chicago!

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