#WCW (420 Edition!)-Portia Mittons

Happy Holidaze Blogees! It’s 420 time!!

Today’s #WCW is Portia Mittons, co-owner of The Coughie Pot dispensary, cannabis advocate, and entrepreneur! Now remember blogees, she’s a busy woman, so life happens. You may hear some car noises, or even maybe a dog in her background lol that is just a business woman handling business!

Click below to learn more about Portia’s journey, her dispensary, and future business endeavors!

Portia is not only a cannabis professional, she’s a business professional in several areas. After college she was an after-school program ballet instructor and worked part time at Kankakee County Title Company in her hometown of Kankakee, IL. She was quickly promoted, making her the first and only Black woman to work in the company’s closing department. Boss! In response to the plummeting job market in 2011, she exited her position and started Loyalty Groupe Consulting Company. The company assisted in executing an event for LeBron James that brought out celebrities and athletes like Jay Z, Jeezy and Derrick Rose., Jay Z, and Derrick Rose. Additionally, it coordinated a fundraiser for Derrion Albert and kickstarted the Safe Passage student protection program in Chicago.

In 2013 she was hired as Events Manager for ParentPowerChicago, NFP and organized 30+ citywide events annually along with space facilitation at every major event and parade in Chicago. In 2016 the company disbanded, and she was left to create her own career again. She was hired to coordinate the College Mentoring Experience fundraiser and soon thereafter created PeterMatthew, Inc. She connected with Big Boi of Outkast and he co-branded with a Chicago pet product developer, and Portia brokered the deal to launch two dog shampoo lines in August 2016. At the same damn time she was executing the business plan for her dispensary in Sumpter, Oregon On January 31, 2017, her and a fellow woman business partner opened The Coughie Pot, making her the first Black person to own a recreational dispensary in the state.

Portia, Clear As Smoke honors you for taking that risk and opening the door for more people of color to be successful in cannabis! Blogees, make sure to follow her and check out her contacts below!
Facebook: Portia Mittons
IG: @portiamittons
LinkedIn and Snapchat: Portia Mittons but she’s not that active lol
IG: @thecoughiepot
Facebook: The Coughie Pot
Search The Coughie Pot on Weedmaps, Leafly
Check back tomorrow for what’s happening this weekend in the Chicagoland and Illinois cannabis communities!
Have a happy, healthy, and elevated 420!
This blog is dedicated to those currently serving time for cannabis offenses.

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